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Mohammed Harun Arsalai

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Mohammed Harun Arsalai
Mohammed Harun Arsalai

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'Joint Way Forward' deal puts Afghan refugees in danger

11 October, 2017

The deal allowing the EU to deport an unlimited number of Afghan asylum seekers puts untold numbers of lives at risk, reports Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

California's Muslims confront growing militarisation of law enforcement

21 September, 2017

As police and military groups from around the world gather to buy weapons and share tips, community groups are facing growing violence, writes Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

IS 'playing whack-a-mole' in Afghanistan

10 August, 2017

In-depth: IS-Khorasan, the Afghan franchise of the Islamic State group's network, disappears from the site of one attack only to reappear in another, writes Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

A glimmer of hope as MSF opens Kunduz clinic

01 August, 2017

MSF secured Pentagon assurances that medics would not be targeted, but the military has either botched air raids or disregarded Afghan lives with reckless drone strikes, reports Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

Refugees riot as tensions in Greek camps boil over

11 July, 2017

The pressure building on refugees stuck on Greek islands was bound to show eventually, reports Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

Choosing peace over justice: The return of Hekmatyar

06 July, 2017

One of Afghanistan's most notorious warlords has taken a seat with the other criminals and corrupt cronies in the nation's 'unity' government, writes Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

Europe's fortress condemns refugees to Libyan danger

01 June, 2017

In-depth: The collusion of far-right European politicians with Libyan authorities is making a life-threatening journey much more dangerous, writes Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

Mohammed Harun Arsalai
Mohammed Harun Arsalai

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