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Charlie Hoyle

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Charlie Hoyle
Charlie Hoyle

Charlie Hoyle is a Middle East-focused journalist specialising in Palestinian affairs. Follow him on Twitter: @CharlieCHoyle

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How will UK elections impact the Middle East?

04 December, 2019

Brexit has dominated Britain's political landscape since 2016. But with general elections coming up, what can voters expect from the three main parties on foreign policy and the Middle East?

Interactive timeline: The history of Israeli settlements since 1967

22 November, 2019

Israeli settlements built on land occupied in the 1967 war are one of the most contentious and intractable issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Why is Israel waging war on Islamic Jihad?

15 November, 2019

The targeted assassination of a powerful Islamic Jihad commander raised the spectre of war in Gaza. But why is Israel targeting the group?

Deadly gun violence epidemic plagues Palestinian communities in Israel

18 October, 2019

Palestinians say the violence reflects decades of institutional discrimination and social exclusion, with deliberate police neglect and political indifference allowing the killings to continue.

Thomas Cook and the rise of Britain's colonial empire

27 September, 2019

Despite being synonymous with affordable package holidays, the Thomas Cook travel company, which collapsed this week, was once at the forefront of Britain's imperial expansion into the Middle East.

Iraqi Christians supported Trump. Now he is deporting them

14 August, 2019

Jimmy Aldaoud's tragic death casts light on the plight of Iraqi Chaldean deportees, a community that once saw Donald Trump as their saviour.

Power and politics: Israel makes new inroads into Africa

20 March, 2019

Israel is making diplomatic inroads into Africa to counteract political support for Palestinians and deepen strategic influence and security ties in a region traditionally ambivalent to Tel Aviv’s ambitions.

A history of violence: Israel's targeted assassinations

28 November, 2018

Israel is estimated to have carried out more than 2,700 assassinations since the state's founding in 1948.

Digital activists track US-led airstrikes which destroyed Raqqa

21 November, 2018

Thousands of digital activists will take part in a crowd-sourcing data project to track how the US-led military coalition's bombings destroyed almost 80 percent of Syria's Raqqa.

When Israel strikes, Gaza's children have nowhere to run

14 November, 2018

The crushing decade-long siege on the densely populated Gaza Strip means children have nowhere to play, nowhere to escape, and, during intensified conflict, nowhere to hide

Guns and Christians: Bolsonaro's Israel embassy move explained

07 November, 2018

A growing Christian Zionist political base, access to Israel's military hardware, and alignment with Trump's America lie at the heart of Bolsonaro's Jerusalem embassy plans.

Israeli-backed massacre of Palestinian refugees remembered 36 years later

16 September, 2018

On 16 September, Lebanese Phalange militiamen stormed the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and began a massacre which killed up to 3,500 Palestinians.

Charlie Hoyle
Charlie Hoyle

Charlie Hoyle is a Middle East-focused journalist specialising in Palestinian affairs. Follow him on Twitter: @CharlieCHoyle

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