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Charlie Hoyle

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Charlie Hoyle
Charlie Hoyle

Charlie Hoyle is a Middle East-focused journalist specialising in Palestinian affairs. Follow him on Twitter: @CharlieCHoyle

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Who are Israel's Druze community?

18 July, 2017

In-depth: The 120,000-strong community is unique in its self-identification and shares a complex relationship with Israel's state, society, and Palestine.

Qatar blockade escalates Gulf crackdown on free expression

16 July, 2017

In-depth: Freedom of expression has dramatically deteriorated in Gulf States since a Saudi-led blockade on Qatar last month, exacerbating a long-standing pattern of repressive censorship.

Remembering the powerful legacy of Jack Shaheen

13 July, 2017

Jack Shaheen was a pioneer in challenging and exposing racial and ethnic stereotypes of Arab-Americans, exposing deep-rooted Orientalism in US popular culture.

Battle for Mosul: Death toll 'may never be known'

11 July, 2017

In-depth: Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition backing them likely violated international humanitarian law in the battle for Mosul, with a pattern of attacks suggesting war crimes.

Abbas halts salaries of West Bank Hamas lawmakers

10 July, 2017

Abbas has cut the salaries of 37 Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank as part of a series of punitive measures to pressure the group to cede control of Gaza.

Abbas dismisses thousands of employees in Gaza

04 July, 2017

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed more than 6,000 employees in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in the latest punitive measure designed to pressure Hamas to cede control.

Modi's Israel visit marks dramatic break from past relations

03 July, 2017

Modi will arrive in Israel on Tuesday in the first visit to the country by an Indian prime minister, marking a turning point in relations after decades of frozen ties.

Powerful new music video challenges Trump ban

30 June, 2017

The politically-charged music video for "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)" makes a powerful statement about the immigrant experience in America at a time of intensifying xenophobia.

Israeli minister pushes artificial 'Gaza island' plan

29 June, 2017

Israel's transport and intelligence minister released a slick high-production video on Wednesday to boost controversial plans to build an artificial island off Gaza's coast.

Controversy over leaked claims Dahlan to be Gaza PM

28 June, 2017

A leaked report claims that controversial Fatah official Mohammed Dahlan could become the next prime minister of Gaza as part of an Egyptian-brokered deal.

Tensions escalate in Israel, Hizballah war of words

25 June, 2017

Simmering tensions between Israel and Lebanon's powerful Hizballah group have escalated in recent days, with both sides issuing barbed threats regarding any future war.

Mahmoud Abbas 'is seeking war between Hamas and Israel'

22 June, 2017

Israel's defence minister on Thursday accused president Mahmoud Abbas of trying to spark a new round of confrontations between Hamas and Israel, after a raft of punitive measures targeting Gaza.

Charlie Hoyle
Charlie Hoyle

Charlie Hoyle is a Middle East-focused journalist specialising in Palestinian affairs. Follow him on Twitter: @CharlieCHoyle

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