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Paul Iddon

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Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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Can Iraq finally realise its potential for tourism?

16 May, 2019

In-depth: With a $78 million budget allocation this year to repair its heritage sites and improve infrastructure, Iraq is in high hopes of reviving its tourism industry.

The dangers of destroying Iran's middle class through sanctions

08 May, 2019

Comment: Ironically, it's Iran's middle class who are most likely to help usher in a more liberal and democratic government. Destroying them is risky business, writes Paul Iddon.

Who did what to defeat the Islamic State group

30 April, 2019

Analysis: Given the multitude of nations and groups that contributed to the defeat of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, Paul Iddon evaluates the significance each one played.

Is it time to consider a more federalised Iraq?

18 April, 2019

Comment: Could granting more autonomy to the oil-rich region of Basra help its residents improve their livelihood? asks Paul Iddon.

The status of foreign troops in Iraq

17 April, 2019

Analysis: While many Iraqis oppose any foreign troop presence in their country, their leaders have often proven more selective about which ones they oppose and support, writes Paul Iddon.

Assad's unwillingness to compromise will further prolong Syria's war

24 March, 2019

Analysis: With Syria's regime reiterating its intention to use military force to retake all of the country, war is likely to continue, Paul Iddon writes.

The future of US troops in Syria and Iraq

19 March, 2019

Analysis: With rising anti-US sentiment in both countries, President Trump may not be able to keep troops deployed, even if he wants to, notes Paul Iddon.

Civilian casualties of anti-Islamic State campaign shouldn't be downplayed

14 March, 2019

Comment: Downplaying the number of civilian deaths caused by coalition airstrikes taints the military victory over the Islamic State, writes Paul Iddon.

Saudi long-range missile factory sparks fears over weapons proliferation

20 February, 2019

Comment: There are worrying signs that ballistic missile proliferation in the Middle East is spiralling out of control, writes Paul Iddon.

High points, low points: A history of Iran-Egypt relations

15 February, 2019

Egypt and Iran had a lot in common, but seismic geopolitical events have made sure to keep them apart for much of the 20th century and the past 20 years.

Controversial European arms sales to Middle East in spotlight

29 January, 2019

Analysis: Macron's silence over weapons sales during his visit to Egypt speaks volumes.

Manbij bombing could become major propaganda coup for IS

21 January, 2019

Analysis: Spinning the US withdrawal as a forced retreat, the Islamic State group is capitalising on its recent attacks in Manbij and Hasakah.

Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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