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Paul Iddon

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Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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How long will foreign troops stay in Syria?

20 July, 2018

Analysis: The US, Russia, Turkey and Iran all have different motives for staying - and for leaving, writes Paul Iddon.

After Daraa, will Assad reconquer all of Syria?

10 July, 2018

Analysis: Tens of thousands of rebels remain in Idlib, Kurds hold several territories and US troops are also active in the north, notes Paul Iddon.

Hypocritical Saudi Arabia opposes Qatar's Russian missile purchase

03 July, 2018

Comment: Riyadh wants to acquire the very same missiles it is trying to deny Qatar, writes Paul Iddon

Turkey is in Syria and Iraq to stay

18 June, 2018

Analysis: Turkey's latest campaign in Iraq is an indication of how far it is willing to go, writes Paul Iddon.

Are Kurds of Iraq and Syria about to reconcile?

04 June, 2018

Analysis: A visit to Iraq by Syria's Kurds could signify thawing relations, writes Paul Iddon.

Could Iran sustain a war against Israel in Syria?

17 May, 2018

Analysis: Any full-scale Israel-Iran war that begins in Syria will not end there, writes Paul Iddon.

April showed Syrian conflict is as dangerous as ever

09 May, 2018

Analysis: Even though the Syrian conflict is almost a decade old, last month's deadly events prove it is still as devastating and dangerous as ever, writes Paul Iddon.

Would Russia respond to an Iranian-Israeli conflict in Syria?

25 April, 2018

Analysis: Russia's role in Syria may very well depend on any future confrontation between Israel and Iran, writes Paul Iddon.

How Iraqi Kurdistan's unity endured the flight ban

21 April, 2018

Despite attempts by external parties to divide Iraqi Kurdistan following Erbil's declaration of independence - including an international flight ban - the autonomous region has remained united.

Bigger, not better: Assessing Trump's latest bombing of Syria

17 April, 2018

Analysis: If past strikes are anything to go by, this latest round of missiles is unlikely to deter Assad from gassing his people again in the future, writes Paul Iddon.

Is the Syrian war about to get more complicated?

12 April, 2018

Analysis: A lack of willingness among major powers to make substantial compromises will likely result in the Syrian war dragging on for years to come, writes Paul Iddon.

Will Iraq fight Islamic State in Syria?

06 April, 2018

Analysis: It would be in Baghdad's interest to see Islamic State neutralised in the Syrian border region of Deir az-Zour, writes Paul Iddon.

Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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