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Paul Iddon

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Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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Turkey avoids taking sides in the US-Iran standoff

23 January, 2020

Ankara wants to avoid siding with the US in any conflict with Iran or heeding Tehran's call for allies to join in opposition to American presence in the region.

Why Iraq is contemplating buying Russian missiles

16 January, 2020

Iraq is considering the purchase of yet more long-range missiles from Russia amid American and Iranian strikes on its soil.

Iran's missile strike against US in Iraq was symbolic

09 January, 2020

In a symbolic move of revenge, Iran fired an estimated ten Fateh-313 missiles at the Ain al-Asad military base in Iraq's Anbar province living up to its vow of retaliating.

Cultural sites should never be a target of war

08 January, 2020

Comment: Trump's threat to target Iranian cultural sites shows complete disdain for Iran's people and their rich heritage, writes Paul Iddon.

The significance of Qasem Soleimani's assassination

06 January, 2020

Qasem Soleimani's death has shocked the Middle East, but it might ultimately prove a more symbolic blow to Iran rather than a strategic one, writes Paul Iddon.

Why Libya's proxy war might be about to flare-up

03 January, 2020

Over the past year, the Libya conflict has become increasingly more dangerous.

Russia makes significant arms deals in the Middle East

17 December, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to reestablish his country as a major exporter of arms to the region, much to the ire of the United States.

Turkey's ever-growing indigenous arms industry

18 October, 2019

Ankara is making substantial headway toward making the Turkish armed forces largely indigenous and self-sufficient.

Worse than 1975: Trump's cynical betrayal of the Kurds

08 October, 2019

Comment: Paul Iddon details just how profoundly President Trump has betrayed the US' former Kurdish allies.

Trump wants to wash his hands of Islamic State

20 September, 2019

Comment: Trump claims IS is over, but is also calling on regional powers to take up the fight without US support, writes Paul Iddon.

The UAE's unprecedented activity in Africa

04 September, 2019

Analysis: Abu Dhabi is trying to make itself a force to be reckoned with far beyond its own borders through investments and the establishment of overseas military bases.

The significance of drones in the Libyan conflict

21 August, 2019

Drones play a significant role in the war effort of both sides fighting in the Libya conflict, writes Paul Iddon.

Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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