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Paul McLoughlin

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Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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Emirati woman flees to Europe, makes desperate video plea

10 February, 2019

An Emirati woman has said that her life is at risk if she returns to the UAE.

UAE's bid for World Cup appears even more distant

04 February, 2019

The Saudi-UAE blockade of Qatar has seen Doha come out even stronger as the Gulf state prepares for the World Cup.

Trade, sanctions and Syria dominate Erdogan's talks with Putin

23 January, 2019

Turkey's President Erdogan has met with his Russian counterpart to discuss the ongoing war in Syria.

White Helmets warn Syria aid cuts 'will cost lives'

21 January, 2019

The White Helmets stress aid cuts will hit civilians, after donors cut funding to certain areas in Syria following takeover by extremist groups

Pakistan's Khan 'seeks lower gas price' in Qatar visit

21 January, 2019

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is paying a two-day visit to Qatar.

HTS takeover of Idlib risks new Syrian humanitarian crisis

17 January, 2019

Syria's Idlib faces collapse following the capture of the opposition province from the hard-line HTS faction, risking huge civilian suffering.

Free Syria Police suspend operations in Syria's Idlib province

14 January, 2019

A civilian police force in Syria have suspended operations following the takeover of Idlib by jihadists.

HTS capture more opposition areas in northern Syria

09 January, 2019

In-depth: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham have taken over more areas of northern Syria from rebel groups.

Power, passports and privilege: the state of the UAE

05 December, 2018

The UAE passport was last week reported to be the most powerful in the world. But the country's treatment of its stateless population and Emirati dissidents makes nationality a privilege.

Cambridge student 'threatened by pro-Assad research group'

30 October, 2018

A Syria solidarity activist has received 'threatening emails' from conference organisers over his past campaigning.

Where countries stand on Saudi Arabia's Khashoggi 'killing' story

20 October, 2018

Germany is the latest country to join the growing outrage over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

Leading Jordanian royal blasts kingdom's corruption problem

26 September, 2018

Jordan's Prince Hamzah has spoken out against corruption in the kingdom, and recognised failures to tackle the kingdom's economic difficulties.

Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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