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Paul McLoughlin

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Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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Syria Weekly: Security reshuffle sees Bashar imitate late father

13 July, 2019

Syria Weekly: A major and surprise reshuffle of the regime's security apparatus was seen in Syria this week.

Syria Weekly: Is Al-Qaeda 2.0 emerging in Idlib?

06 July, 2019

A rare US airstrike on a shadowy militant group in Aleppo province this week could be the resurgence of Al-Qaeda in Syria, experts have warned.

Syria Weekly: Idlib offensive stalls, as Russia-Iran rivalry continues

28 June, 2019

The failure of the Syrian regime to breakthrough rebel lines in Idlib and Hama has been blamed on the non-participation of Iran in the offensive.

Syria Weekly: Will China fund post-war reconstruction?

21 June, 2019

With Russia and Iran suffering from US sanctions and the EU still resisting pressure to pay for reconstruction, China could be key to rebuilding Syria... but on its own terms.

Syria Weekly: Idlib could test Turkey's relations with Russia

14 June, 2019

Relations between Turkey and Russia could be impacted by the situation in Idlib, where tens of thousands of civilians have fled their homes for the Turkish border.

Syria Weekly: A war on civilians in Idlib

07 June, 2019

The death toll continues to rise in Idlib, as Russia's targeting of hospitals and other civilian infrastructure is put under the spotlight.

Syria Weekly: Regime onslaught on Idlib continues

31 May, 2019

The bloodbath in Idlib continued this week, with pressure on regional player Turkey to accept more refugees and do more to protect civilians trapped in Syria.

Syria Weekly: Regime scorches earth in Idlib

24 May, 2019

Continuing with its brutal tactics of weaponising food and isolating civilians, the Syrian regime has carried out a deliberate strategy of scorching agricultural areas in the Idlib province.

Syria Weekly: Russia rebuilds Syria's military from scratch

17 May, 2019

Russia is helping the Syrian regime rebuild its military after eight years of war showed the dire state of the armed forces.

Syria Weekly: Russian airstrikes strike terror in Idlib

10 May, 2019

Syria Weekly: Hospitals and rescue centres have been deliberately targeted in Russian strikes, setting back civilian life in Idlib and Hama.

Syria Weekly: Corruption could save Idlib from assault

02 May, 2019

Idlib is in the cross hairs of Russian warplanes again, but the regime is unlikely to launch an offensive on the last Syrian opposition stronghold due to some unlikely factors.

Syria Weekly: Is a new insurgency emerging in Syria?

26 April, 2019

Attacks on Syrian regime positions have been widely reported this week, pointing to the emergence of a new low-level insurgency against Bashar al-Assad.

Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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