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Hassan al-Ashraf

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Hassan al-Ashraf
Hassan al-Ashraf

Our man in Morocco

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Moroccan men 'sexually harassed' by female bosses

26 February, 2016

Sexual harassment of men by women is a problem too in Morocco , a "men's rights" group has claimed, especially by female superiors the workplace.

Living with Aids in Morocco

01 December, 2015

Blog: Moroccan Aids sufferers complain of stigmatisation and discrimination as the world marks World Aids Day.

Morocco's slums are extremism recruiting sergeant

25 November, 2015

Ideology, poverty and a desire for adventure are some of the factors that lead to extremism and Morocco's poor slums have become ideal recruiting grounds.

Moroccan hot springs attract medical tourists

11 October, 2015

Medical tourism is a growing industry in Morocco thanks to hot natural springs that are believed to have healing properties.

Morocco's Robin Hood: 'Fighting corruption is a moral duty'

21 August, 2015

The "Sniper of Targuist", Mounir Agueznay, speaks to al-Araby al-Jadeed about his fight against corruption in Morocco and how people should be aware of their rights and break the silence.

The dark world of Morocco's treasure hunters

06 July, 2015

Feature: Prepare yourself for a tale of charlatans, sorcerers and child snatchers - and, of course, hidden loot.

Morocco debates 'illiterate' electoral candidates

14 May, 2015

Analysis: Moroccans are debating if electoral candidates need to have a minimum level of education before they can run, reports Hassan al-Ashraf.

Loyalty to friends comes at a price for Morocco

13 May, 2015

Analysis: Rabat's motives for taking part in a Saudi-led assault on Yemen is being questioned following the downing of a Moroccan fighter jet.

Morocco: Activists demand government block Peres visit

21 April, 2015

Clinton Global Initiative summit in Marrakesh in May lists former Israeli president Shimon Peres as attending, causing outrage in Morocco.

Moroccan plans to criminalise harassment and blasphemy

06 April, 2015

A new draft law has been passed in the kingdom to imprison or fine anyone guilty of sexual harassment or blasphemy.

Four years after Morocco protests, activists eye the longer-term

21 February, 2015

Analysis: Though it ostensibly failed to achieve most of its goals, Morocco's 20 February movement may yet prove to be a watershed in the long history of the political activism in the kingdom.

France attempts to improve strained relations with Morocco

17 January, 2015

Security cooperation between France and Morocco has been suspended as diplomatic relations have been strained by a series of incidents in France that have offended Moroccan politicians and officials.

Hassan al-Ashraf
Hassan al-Ashraf

Our man in Morocco

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