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A leading Middle Eastern brand has teamed up with linguists to introduce a more gender-balanced term for 'parenthood', away from its current paternal-root.

Comment: A new war on 'terrorism' should be declared, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

Does teaching dialects hurt Modern Standard Arabic?

Hossam Abouzahr

Does teaching dialects hurt Modern Standard Arabic?

Comment: Given that dialects and Modern Standard Arabic currently coexist, how should we best teach Arabic in schools and beyond? asks Hossam Abouzahr.

Preserving Syria's linguistic heritage internationally with new <em>dictionary</em>

The New Arab

Preserving Syria's linguistic heritage internationally with new dictionary

A hobbyist linguist is raising funds to create a multi-dialect Arabic dictionary made by Syrian refugees to help preserve their rich ...

Russia, the rival superpower?

Naveed Ahmad

Russia, the rival superpower?

The long read: Russia is masterfully engineering the fall of the status quo by creating chaos, deception and a crisis of credibility, writes ...

James Snell

Book Review: The Other Air Force

Matt Sienkiewicz's book 'The Other Air Force' offers a broad-ranging and necessary insight into how the US has sought to influence media across the Middle East, writes James Snell

Ramona Wadi

The power of words: Israel's claims of ethnic cleansing

Comment: In recent speeches, Netanyahu has taken to using the term "ethnic cleansing" to support Israel's misleading narrative, writes Ramona ...

The New Arab

UAE's first sign-language dictionary to include Emirati cultural icons

A new sign language dictionary created by deaf residents and specialists in the UAE will include newly devised signs for Emirati ...

Al-Araby al-Jadeed & agencies

Bashar Assad vows to 'win' Syria war

In a defiant speech, Bashar al-Assad on Sunday vowed that his forces will defeat the myriad groups ranged against his regime, and 'win' the ...

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