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Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia this weekend and, let's just say, some awkward things happened.

Mutanabbi Street was a bustling, artistic quarter in Baghdad where Iraqi intellectuals would gather, read and converse during some of the country's unhappiest days.

Gaza's first English library to open window to world

The New Arab & agencies

Gaza's first English library to open window to world

English literature graduate Mossab Abu Toha is crowd-funding Gaza's first English library and hopes to read his way out of the reality of besiegement in the Palestinian enclave.

Islam's lasting influence on Elizabethan England

Jamil Hussein

Islam's lasting influence on Elizabethan England

Society: The legacy of strategic relations between England and the Islamic world led to military alliances, trade relations and even had an ...

Romeo and Juliet takes on twist in Gaza performance

The New Arab

Romeo and Juliet takes on twist in Gaza performance

Instead of the forbidden love story of Renaissance-era European aristocracy, the star-crossed young couple in Gaza's version is divided by ...

Marcia Lynx Qualey

The Arabic Shakespeares: Subversive, political, and entertaining

Arabic adaptations of Shakespeare's plays have been popular since the 1800s, but they differ from the original in key aspects, scholars and translators say.

The New Arab & agencies

Love Boat: Refugees' terrifying tales retold in new play

Six Syrian actors are using art and prose to deliver the tragic stories encountered by many who fled the conflict in an attempt to reach a ...

Moe Chreif

The Shakespearian absence of love in the Arab psyche

Comment: The purging of love has tortured and corrupted Arabs' collective wellbeing. Like Shakespeare's tragic heroes, they may perish unless ...

Baroness Jenny Tonge

Support the boycott campaigns against Israel

Comment: It is up to the people to demand justice for Palestinians when governments won't. A good start would be to support the boycott ...

Anointing Netanyahu

Hamid Dabashi

Anointing Netanyahu

Comment: In praising the Israeli leader, US Congress members and leading journalists are showing their overwhelming bias regarding events in the ...

Mark Perry

Jim Clancy and the tragi-comedy of American journalism

Jim Clancy's 'resignation' from CNN doesn't suggest that the US media is pro-Israel. It's much worse than that. It shows that normal ...

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