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With 3.6 million registered voters expected to vote in parliament elections Sunday, here are seven things to know about the system.

Country & Western gives way to Country & Eastern in this melting pot of music raising money for Syria's refugees in Turkey.

Trump's rambling, nonsensical Netanyahu press conference leaves many bewildered

James Brownsell

Trump's rambling, nonsensical Netanyahu press conference leaves many bewildered

Blog: Does Donald Trump want an end to illegal Israeli settlements? Does he condemn anti-Semitism? Does he have the faintest idea of what's going on?

Britain's far-right <em>in</em> disarray as Tories eye Blackshirt vote

James Brownsell

Britain's far-right in disarray as Tories eye Blackshirt vote

Comment: A fist-fight in the European Parliament leaves a leading anti-immigration politician in hospital, while the UK ...

The Caravan The Caravan

The New Arab

The Caravan

Video: Syrian refugees in Lebanon tell their stories through street theatre.

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Clowning around offering relief to Gaza's children

Palestinian clowns are using riotous humour and physical theatre to help Gazan children deal with the pain caused by chronic illnesses.

Karim Traboulsi

Isn't it funny? Beirut's clown activists tackle serious issues

A group of Lebanese performers are using farce to highlight the country's chronic crises - but also to cheer up vulnerable people affected by ...

Mohammad Ali Musawi

US Muslims angry at new wave of Islamophobia

American Muslims reacted with anger to what many see as a growing wave of Islamophobia fuelled by the Republican Party’s most popular ...

Rami Almeghari

A smile for Gaza's children

Feature: They call him the man with the 'incredibly cheerful smile'. He is using it to spread some joy in the gloom of Gaza.

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