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Dab-ed if you do: Saudi singer arrested for 'dabbing' on stage Open in fullscreen

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Dab-ed if you do: Saudi singer arrested for 'dabbing' on stage

Abdallah al-Shahrani performed the move at the Taif festival on Monday [YouTube]

Date of publication: 11 August, 2017

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Abdallah al-Shahrani was arrested for 'dabbing' at a show in Taif as authorities claim the dance move 'promotes drug culture.'
The 'dab' dance move is now apparently banned in Saudi Arabia after a young man was arrested for performing it in the city of Taif on Monday night.

The move, once performed by a member of the British royal family, is apparently no longer allowed in the conservative Gulf kingdom because of its alleged links to drug culture.

Abdallah al-Shahrani was arrested on Tuesday and held in custody for "inciting and advocating drugs", after a video of him performing the move went viral on social media.

"We will act when a singer acts contrary to the national strategy on fighting drugs," said Abd-Ela al-Sharif, director of the national committee for drug control.

"We monitor those who incite drug use on social media or in public gatherings."

Shahrani has since apologised for the video, after a representative for the festival said the move was "totally unacceptable".

"I apologise to our respected government and to my audience for unintentionally and spontaneously making the dance move at Taif festival," said Shahrani.

The 'dab' move was first performed by the US rapper, Skippa Da Flippa, in his 2014 music video How Fast Can You Count It.

It has since been performed hundreds of times by international footballers, artists and celebrities, becoming an integral part of international youth culture.

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