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Iran snookers women billiard players for 'un-Islamic' performances Open in fullscreen

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Iran snookers women billiard players for 'un-Islamic' performances

Iran authorities are getting tough on women players flouting its strict 'moral code' [AFP]

Date of publication: 2 April, 2017

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Iran has been thrust into another sporting scandal after authorities barred several women snooker players from representing the country in an tournament in China for 'violations of Islamic code'.
Iran has once again sparked sporting controversy after authorities barred several women snooker players accused of violating the country's strict Islamic "codes of conduct".

The Iranian women snooker players were barred by competing again by Tehran after attending the China Open billiards' tournament.

An announcement from Iran's bowling, billiards and boxing federation's disciplinary committee said that the women would be barred from playing after violating Iran's strict "Islamic codes of conduct".

The committee did not specify the offences or say how many players were affected by the ban.

"Women sent to the China Open (billiard) competitions will be banned from all domestic and foreign competitions for one year for violating the Islamic code," the committee said.

The disciplinary body added that they would name the trangressors later, likely in an attempt to "shame" the players.

Iranian women athletes have frequently run into trouble with the Islamic Republic's sporting bodies for allegedly flouting the country's strict moral codes.

This includes playing without mandatary headscarves or in sports gear which goes against the country's "Islamic clothing".

Iranian chess player Dorsa Derakhshani, an international master, usually plays without a headscarf, according to Pakistani Dawn newspaper. The "offence" could see her face jail and lashings if she returned to Iran from her home in Spain.

Derakhshani's brother, Borna, has also reportedly run into trouble for playing an Israeli chess player in another tournament. The game could see him face worrying punishments if he returns to Iran.

Iran eased its restrictions on women attending a volleyball tournament last year following a five-year ban.

They still remain almost universally banned from attending sporting events in Iran, while strict restrictions on clothing for women athletes have hindered their success in other sporting fields.

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