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Merkel says Germany could ban Turkish campaign events

20 March, 2017

Angela Merkel has stressed that Germany reserved the right to "take all necessary measures, including reviewing the permissions" for campaign events it had already granted.

Media matters: Egypt's revolution and its aftermath

25 January, 2017

Comment: The revolution was aided by the presence of a relatively critical media. But the media's trajectory since then reflects the path of regime politics and leadership, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

'Real ISIS housewives': Now isn't the time for joking

09 January, 2017

Comment: This BBC series parodies harmful stereotypes of Muslims, and attempts to gain cheap viewing ratings at the expense of a persecuted community, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

Curtains fall: Legendary Syrian actor 'Abu Sayyah' dies

07 January, 2017

Syria's legendary actor, Rafiq al-Subaei, died at the age of 86 on Thursday, after decades of transitioning from role to role on millions of screens across the Arab world.

Police state Egypt: Crackdown on campus

21 November, 2016

Egyptian students are seeing the state's crackdown on opposition on campus, with fear and restrictions leading to suffocating environments in places of learning.

Arab Trump asks fake Obama: Where is the cutlery?

18 November, 2016

A look at Arabic parody twitter accounts impersonating politicians, including Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.

Egypt frees fourth band member held over mocking video

12 September, 2016

Egypt has released the fourth and final member of a band arrested in May after they made an online video mocking the government, their lawyer said on Monday.

HRW calls on Egypt to free satirical street performers

23 June, 2016

Human Rights Watch has called on Egyptian authorities to release four young men who posted satirical videos commenting on Egypt’s politics on social media.

Widespread arrests in Egypt signal no-tolerance stance on dissent

11 May, 2016

In the past three weeks, around 1,300 people have been detained in Egypt in a fierce zero-tolerance policy against any sign of political unrest.

Satirists targeted as Egypt arrests street performers

10 May, 2016

Four members of the Egyptian satirical group, Street Children, have been arrested only days after a 19-year-old member was detained, as Sisi's government continues its crackdown on dissent.

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