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Russia 'complicit' in Assad atrocities in East Ghouta: Pentagon

16 March, 2018

Russia is "complicit" in atrocities perpetrated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because of its "deliberate" choice to violate terms of a ceasefire in besieged Eastern Ghouta, the Pentagon said.

Russia claims Syria rebels plan to 'stage chemical attack'

14 March, 2018

Assad and his supporters have consistently claimed that chemical attacks were staged and that an army of actors including children had been trained to fake injury on a massive scale.

The stark reality of Russia's chemical attacks

13 March, 2018

Comment: The attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter should remind Theresa May of the nature of Russia's chemical warfare beyond its borders, writes Sam Hamad.

Russia warns will retaliate if US strikes in Syria

13 March, 2018

Moscow will retaliate against any attack by the United States in Syria that threatens the lives of Russian servicemen, Russia's head of general staff has warned.

US warns of Syria action if UN ceasefire fails

12 March, 2018

US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council that a ceasefire approved two weeks ago "has failed" and circulated a new draft resolution calling for a 30-day truce.

Syria regime has 'dedicated helicopter team for chemical attacks'

12 March, 2018

The Syrian military has a team dedicated to carrying out chemical attacks in the besieged Eastern Ghouta region, according to a news report from an opposition-aligned website.

US warns Syrian regime against carrying out gas attacks

12 March, 2018

The warning came amid reports that Bashar al-Assad's forces have used chlorine gas in the rebel-held district of Eastern Ghouta.

Aid convoys delayed, regime offensive continues in Eastern Ghouta

08 March, 2018

Aid deliveries were delayed to Eastern Ghouta as the regime intensifies its offensive in the rebel-held enclave.

Suspected chlorine attack hits Syria's Eastern Ghouta

06 March, 2018

At least 30 people in Syria's Eastern Ghouta have been treated after suffering symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine gas, the Syrian Civil Defence reported.

UN report links Egypt to North Korea arms trade

04 March, 2018

The UN will release a report that links the Egyptian government to weapons smuggling from international pariah North Korea, in a further embarrassment for the Sisi regime.

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