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Syrian regime tells UN 'victory within reach'

23 September, 2017

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem has told the UN General Assembly that victory for Bashar al-Assad's side is within reach.

For whom the bell tolls in Syria

18 September, 2017

Comment: Syria is a manmade disaster, but perpetrators are unlikely to face justice until bystanders are made to reckon with the consequences of their inaction, writes Muhammad Idrees Ahmad.

Sarin denial and journalism's race to the bottom

13 September, 2017

Comment: When Assad gassed his own people in Khan Sheikhoun, a cluster of journalists flocked to give him cover. They must all be held to account, writes Alexander Schinis.

Israel warns Iran, Syria after 'chemical weapons factory' airstrike

08 September, 2017

Israel's defence minister issued a veiled warning to Syria on Thursday, without confirming or denying what Damascus said was an Israeli air strike on its territory.

Israeli jets strike 'chemical weapons factory' in Syria's Hama

07 September, 2017

Israeli jets carried out airstrikes early Thursday in Syria's Hama, targeting what is believed to be a chemical weapons factory, after the UN accused Assad's regime of dropping chemical bombs.

Syrian regime dropped sarin on Khan Sheikhoun: UN

06 September, 2017

Assad's regime used chemical weapons more than two dozen times, a UN inquiry has found, including dropping sarin in the gravest attack in Idlib province, killing more than 80 civilians.

North Korea suspected of supplying chemical weapons to Syria

22 August, 2017

A confidential UN report has revealed two North Korean shipments bound for the Syrian regime's chemical weapons programme were intercepted in the past six months.

Remembering Ghouta: Obama's meaningless red line

21 August, 2017

Comment: Obama's 'red line' morphed into a 'red herring' and could then become a green light for Assad to continue his genocidal war, writes Sam Hamad.

Two American presidents have now undermined Syria's revolution

02 August, 2017

Comment: Trump's withdrawal of the meagre support provided to Syria's rebels will embolden the remnants of the Assad regime, writes James Snell.

Trump follows in Obama's footsteps and abandons Syria's rebels

01 August, 2017

Comment: Trump's decision to end the CIA programme that armed anti-Assad rebels, coupled with strict instructions not to fight Assad, leaves Syria's rebels abandoned, writes Sam Hamad.

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