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Russia blocks extension of investigation into Syria chemical attacks

18 November, 2017

Russia used its Security Council veto for the second time in two days to block an extension of the Joint Investigative Mechanism's mandate.

Lifting Syria's regime siege requires more than just words

16 November, 2017

Comment: World leaders have ample evidence that Assad's regime and its allies are besieging civilian populations. They must fight back with more than just words, writes James Snell.

US urges UN to maintain Syria chemical experts

08 November, 2017

The top US, British, French and German diplomats urged the Security Council Wednesday to renew the mandate of experts charged with determining who was responsible for chemical-weapons attacks in Syria.

US: 'Syria more concerned with CO2 than sarin'

08 November, 2017

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert mocked Syria for joining the Paris Agreement on climate change, citing the regime's brutal civil war tactics of gassing its own people.

Assad-backers Russia accuse US of blocking aid in Syria

03 November, 2017

Assad's main ally Russia, which has helped regime forces conduct a devastating bombing campaign in Syria, has accused the US of denying refugees access to humanitarian aid.

Stop the War Coalition is not against Western intervention

30 October, 2017

Comment: As Raqqa gets destroyed, the Stop the War Coalition is nowhere to be heard, leaving Syria solidarity protesters to demonstrate in front of US embassies alone, writes Omar Sabbour.

Khan Sheikhoun massacre: proof beyond doubt who's to blame

28 October, 2017

The UN confirmed this week widely-held suspicions that the Syrian regime carried out a chemical attack on an opposition village in Idlib province. Here's what we know about the massacre.

UN blames Syrian regime for sarin gas attack massacre

27 October, 2017

United Nations investigators on Thursday blamed the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad for a sarin gas massacre in April this year which killed more than 80 civilians.

Russia vetoes UN vote on Syria gas attacks probe

24 October, 2017

An international investigation of chemical weapons attacks in Syria will not be extended, after Russia used its powers to veto the UN vote on Tuesday.

UN to visit airbase used in Khan Sheikhoun attack

12 October, 2017

UN investigators will travel to an airbase in Syria this week that the US and allies say was used to launch the Khan Sheikhoun sarin gas attack earlier this year.

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