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Book review: Fire and Fury, but little else

09 January, 2018

Book review: Wolff's book purports to be an account of the Trump administration written by someone who roamed the White House without supervision and oversight, writes James Snell.

Assad moves on Idlib, but Ghouta leaves regime vulnerable

07 January, 2018

While Assad has retaken more than half of the country with a string of victories against rebels, the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta remains a thorn in the regime's side.

Britain gave Assad 'green light' to massacre: UK minister

28 December, 2017

Britain's non-intervention in Syria following a chemical attack four years ago gave Assad the "green light" to continue murdering his people, the UK's aid minister said.

Eastern Ghouta: A ghetto of hunger and fear

24 November, 2017

Comment: Despite the brutal reality of life under siege, Abdelmalik remains resolutely opposed to the kind of sectarianism upon which Assad has thrived, writes Sam Hamad.

Russia claims body exposing Assad's chemical weapons crimes 'dead'

23 November, 2017

Russia has been highly critical of the JIM's findings that the brutal Syrian government, its close ally, used chlorine gas in at least two attacks in 2014 and 2015.

Russia blocks extension of investigation into Syria chemical attacks

17 November, 2017

Russia used its Security Council veto for the second time in two days to block an extension of the Joint Investigative Mechanism's mandate.

Lifting Syria's regime siege requires more than just words

16 November, 2017

Comment: World leaders have ample evidence that Assad's regime and its allies are besieging civilian populations. They must fight back with more than just words, writes James Snell.

US urges UN to maintain Syria chemical experts

08 November, 2017

The top US, British, French and German diplomats urged the Security Council Wednesday to renew the mandate of experts charged with determining who was responsible for chemical-weapons attacks in Syria.

US: 'Syria more concerned with CO2 than sarin'

08 November, 2017

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert mocked Syria for joining the Paris Agreement on climate change, citing the regime's brutal civil war tactics of gassing its own people.

Assad-backers Russia accuse US of blocking aid in Syria

03 November, 2017

Assad's main ally Russia, which has helped regime forces conduct a devastating bombing campaign in Syria, has accused the US of denying refugees access to humanitarian aid.

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