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Daraa 'de-escalation' masks Assad's ethnic cleansing in Syria

30 June, 2017

Comment: Daraa, like Aleppo before it, could fall without the world batting an eyelid. The remaining population would be cleansed, and Assad's exterminators would move in, writes Sam Hamad.

Weapons watchdog finds sarin used in attack in Syria

30 June, 2017

An investigation by the international chemical weapons watchdog confirmed that sarin nerve gas was used in a deadly April 4 attack on a Syrian town.

Russia claims Washington 'instigating chemical attacks' in Syria

30 June, 2017

Syria and its ally Russia have accused Washington of "inviting" extremists to carry out chemical attacks, which would then be blamed on Assad's government to justify a retaliatory attack.

US spy planes sent to Syrian coast

29 June, 2017

The US has deployed spy planes and intelligence gathering equipment to the Syrian coast, as Washington warns the regime might be planning a chemical attack on rebel-held territory.

Report: CIA boss' secret talks with Syrian spy chief

24 June, 2017

New report reveals how CIA chief Mike Pompeo's effort to secure an American hostage collapsed after Washington accused Damascus of carrying out chemical attacks.

France's Macron vows 'immediate retaliation' to Syria chemical attacks

30 May, 2017

France will respond immediately to any use of chemical weapons in Syria, France's president has said, in a threat likely directed at the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

UN: Sarin gas found in Khan Sheikhoun probe samples

24 May, 2017

An international chemical weapons watchdog has found traces of sarin gas in samples from the April 4 attack on the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun.

The poisonous 'peace process' is an insult to Syrians

17 May, 2017

Comment: Geneva is irrelevant because it presupposes that Assad wants peace, while the rebels know that every aspect of his regime is geared towards extermination, writes Sam Hamad.

Chomsky and the Syria revisionists: The Left's moral cul-de-sac

05 May, 2017

Comment: In Chomsky's hierarchy of concerns, it seems a westerner's right to deny genocide is more sacrosanct than a Syrian's right to life and liberty, writes Muhammad Idrees Ahmad.

Chomsky and the Syria revisionists: Regime whitewashing

05 May, 2017

Comment: Chomsky cites Postol because he is a man with credentials, giving conspiracy theories a veneer of scientific plausibility, writes Muhammad Idrees Ahmad.

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