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The demise of Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria

22 August, 2017

Comment: Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria deteriorated as a result of foreign interests and the regime's war tactics, writes Loubna Mrie.

Danish FM admits selling mass-surveillance technology to Saudi Arabia

21 August, 2017

Denmark's foreign minister has for the first time acknowledged that the government allowed the sale of surveillance technology to authoritarian Arab governments, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Behind the glossy veneer: Human rights abuses in UAE

18 August, 2017

Comment: When Khaled got his dream job in UAE, he wasn't expecting torture and arbitrary detention. UAE must be held to account over its human rights abuses, writes Joe Odell.

Speaking music to power: A study in Reformations

17 August, 2017

Blog: 500 years after the start of the Protestant Reformation, music still fuels protest and foments revolution, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Kashmir and the festering legacy of partition

15 August, 2017

Comment: Partition in 1947 saw the end of colonial rule and the birth of India and Pakistan, but had disastrous and enduring consequences for Kashmir, writes Umar Lateef Misgar.

On his deathbed: A letter by Mahmoud Darwish

10 August, 2017

"Being Palestinian is not a motto. The Palestinian is a human being, a tormented soul with daily questions; both national and existential. The Palestinian has a love story."

Yassin al-Haj Saleh's 'The Impossible Revolution': An incisive work

10 August, 2017

Book review: Saleh's lucid work tackles the questions that most confound western audiences, and is a reminder of the circumstances through which this impossible revolution endured, writes Muhammad Idrees Ahmad.

Only democracy in the Middle East? Far from it

09 August, 2017

Comment: Free speech is an integral part of any democracy. The legal case against respected Israeli-Canadian reporter and analyst David Sheen lays Israeli hypocrisy to bare, writes Antony Loewenstein.

UK-Saudi pact faces existential crisis

24 July, 2017

Comment: As alarm over Saudi human rights abuses grows, so does criticism of the Westminster-Riyadh friendship. The relationship of convenience is under threat like never before, writes Tom Charles.

Essam Koshak case will test Saudi Arabia's 'reformed' prosecution

17 July, 2017

Comment: Essam Kochak's case will be an early indication of whether the prosecution reorganisation as an independent entity is anything more than just ink on paper, writes Adam Coogle.

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