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Trump brings the Dark Enlightenment's brutality to diplomacy

14 June, 2018

Comment: Trump's dealings with North Korea and the G7 reveal his deal-making strategy - and it's even more disturbing than you might think, writes Wilson Dizard.

Assad claims 'still pursuing political solution' over southern Syria

14 June, 2018

President Bashar al-Assad said that his regime is still looking at a possible 'political solution' to the handover of opposition territories in southern Syria.

Nearly one million Syrians displaced in 2018, UN says

11 June, 2018

More than 920,000 people were displaced inside Syria during the first four months of 2018, the highest level in the seven-year conflict.

Saudi Arabia arrests woman for sympathising with feminist activists

10 June, 2018

Mayya al-Zahrani was arrested hours after posting comments on the arrest of a fellow female activist, a worrying show of Saudi online surveillance and the kingdom's continuing human rights crackdown

Assad denies Russia, Iran running the show in Syria

10 June, 2018

Assad denied Moscow is running the show in his war-torn country, saying in an interview his regime operates independently of its Russian and Iranian allies.

Razan al-Najjar was a threat to Israel

08 June, 2018

Comment: Razan al-Najjar was not a physical threat to Israel, but she had become a potential 'face of the movement', writes Malia Bouattia.

Syria roadside bomb kills one near coalition base: monitor

04 June, 2018

A roadside bomb killed a fighter near a base in northern Syria used by American and French soldiers from the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group, a monitor said.

'US and Russia close to war over Syria': Assad

31 May, 2018

World War III nearly erupted in Syria between the US and Russia, regime head Bashar al-Assad has claimed.

Syria's Assad threatens to retake Kurdish-controlled areas by force

31 May, 2018

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the only 'problem' in Syria now are the US-backed Kurdish force controlling a third of the country.

Being pro-Palestine and pro-Assad doesn't add up

29 May, 2018

Comment: From Israel to Syria, all tyranny is worthy of outrage, writes Sam Hamad.

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