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Theresa May urged to withdraw MbS visit invitation

18 January, 2018

Rights groups argue that cancelling Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's visit to the UK will pressure the Riyadh regime to ease its choke-hold on human rights, reports Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Closed borders and xenophobic policies don't create jobs

18 January, 2018

Comment: For Macron and May, the approach is similar: Distract the masses from domestic failings, by stirring up anger towards migrants and refugees, writes Malia Bouattia.

Israel's war on African refugees is inspiring white supremacists

16 January, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's racist, anti-African immigration policies are bringing cheer to white supremacists on both sides of the Atlantic, writes David Sheen.

Egypt frees Mubarak-era interior minister ahead of retrial

11 January, 2018

An Egyptian court has overturned the conviction of Mubarak's interior minister Habib al-Adly who was sentenced to seven years in jail for squandering public funds.

The international community's whitewashing of Yemen

10 January, 2018

Analysis: A reluctance to criticise Saudi Arabia's military campaign has empowered Riyadh to destroy thousands of Yemeni lives, writes Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

2018: From the frying pan into the fire

08 January, 2018

Comment: The Middle East in 2018 faces plenty of known difficulties and challenges. But there are also some 'known unknowns' lurking, writes Robert Springborg.

Ethiopia to release political prisoners, close detention camp

04 January, 2018

Ethiopia's leader has announced plans to drop charges against political prisoners and close a notorious prison camp in what he called an effort to 'widen the democratic space for all.'

Scores of civilians 'killed in Russian airstrike' in Syria

04 January, 2018

Dozens of civilians, including women and children, have been killed during the ongoing Russian-backed siege of rebel-held Eastern Ghouta in northwest Syria.

Seven civilians killed in airstrikes in Syria's Idlib

02 January, 2018

Airstrikes in Syria's Idlib have killed at least seven civilians, a monitor said on Monday, as Russia and regime continue their bombing of the rebel-held province.

Hopes for Syria's year ahead

02 January, 2018

Comment: There can be no victory while Assad remains in power. But 2018 must bring Syrians closer to holding free and fair multi-party elections, writes Bahia Mardini.

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