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China bans Islamic baby names in Muslim-majority Xinjiang

26 April, 2017

Chinese authorities have banned Islamic baby names in the country's largest Muslim province, as part of a crackdown on alleged "extremism" that monitors say restricts fundamental rights.

Hijazi is home, but Egypt's political prisoners languish, forgotten

25 April, 2017

Comment: In securing Hijazi's release, Trump recognises Sisi’s political terror, but demonstrates that unless US citizens are involved, he's not interested, writes Sam Hamad.

Trump administration to review Iran sanctions relief

19 April, 2017

The US Secretary of State notified Congress of plans to review whether sanctions relief given to Iran as part of the 2015 nuclear deal was in US national security interests.

Assad regime 'still using Russian-made incendiary weapons'

13 April, 2017

The international community must condemn Assad's use of incendiary weapons in civilian areas, says HRW's arms division.

Britain must speak up on UAE's human rights violations

12 April, 2017

Comment: Post-Brexit, the UK is looking to increase its trading relationship with the UAE, and has failed to condemn recent escalating repression in the Gulf state, writes Joe Odell.

EU prolongs Iran human rights sanctions for extra year

11 April, 2017

Sanctions against Iran have been prolonged by the European Union for an extra year, amid rising tensions over Tehran's support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Assad's 'murderous rampage' must be stopped: McCain

11 April, 2017

US Senator John McCain has demanded the end of Damascus' 'murderous rampage', calling on Moscow to cease its support of the regime.

Assad, Russia target Syrian towns with incendiary bombs

10 April, 2017

Activists say the Syrian regime and Russian warplanes targeted the Idlib and Hama provinces with incendiary bombs, including thermite.

All Egyptian women are survivors of sexual violence

10 April, 2017

Blog: A viral hashtag has reopened discussion about Egypt's sexual harassment epidemic - but why is it happening and how did it start?

Pope Francis to visit Egypt despite Coptic church massacre

10 April, 2017

Pope Francis will go ahead with a planned visit to Egypt this month despite the deadly bombings of two Coptic churches which killed 44 people.

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