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Supreme Court 'partially' reinstates Trump's controversial travel ban

26 June, 2017

President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban targeting citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries was partially reinstated by the US Supreme Court on Monday.

Middle East looks to Nudge Theory amid economic strain

26 June, 2017

Comment: Several monarchies in the region are embarking on national transformation agendas that could prove to be opportune conduits for the spread of Nudge Theory, writes Scott Preston.

Lebanon approves $404 million World Bank infrastructure packages

26 June, 2017

Lebanon's finance minister, Ali Hassan Khalil and the Council for Development and Reconstruction agreed on two separate projects to refurbish the country's infrastructure.

Spain rescues more than 200 refugees from Mediterranean

25 June, 2017

Spain's sea rescue service rescued more than 200 refugees from the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday, after confirming more than 400 were saved this week alone.

This Refugee Week, we need to celebrate the refugees

22 June, 2017

Nearly two thousand died this year alone while trying to cross the Mediterranean. It is time to recognise what drives refugees to the sea, and celebrate them, writes Munu

The Iraq Report: Iraq becomes vehicle for Iranian power

21 June, 2017

Analysis: Welcome to The New Arab's weekly digest of events in Iraq

Syrian young woman becomes first ever refugee Goodwill Ambassador

21 June, 2017

UNICEF has appointed a 19-year-old education activist and Syrian refugee as Goodwill Ambassador in a historic first.

Is Sisi pushing Egypt off a cliff?

21 June, 2017

Comment: Egyptians' anger is growing and if another wave of protest engulfs the country it will be more radical and destructive, and will challenge all state institutions, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

Education on hold for South Sudanese child refugees

21 June, 2017

Out of the one million refugees who are expected to be in Uganda by the end of the month, nearly three-quarters of them are children

Mistreatment of refugees has a long history in Europe

21 June, 2017

Society: As World Refugee Day passes yet again with no change in the condition of most refugees, it's time to remind ourselves of the horrors unfolding right on our doorstep.

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