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Turkey 'agrees to accept' migrant returns from Greece

09 December, 2017

A report on Saturday said Greece has persuaded Turkey to accept migrant returns from the mainland in order to reduce critical overcrowding in its refugee camps.

Jordan's plan for high-tech desert city met with scepticism

09 December, 2017

A new desert metropolis to be built by Jordan has been met with skepticism by urban planners, who argue it is more efficient to improve existing cities in the kingdom.

Alone in Berlin: German mental health services failing refugees

08 December, 2017

In-depth: The specific mental health needs of refugees in Germany are being exacerbated by limited access to care and uncertainty about the future, with dire consequences, reports Asher Kessler.

Syrian boys in 'vicious cycle' of sex abuse: UN

07 December, 2017

Syrian men and boys have suffered sexual violence in detention centres and checkpoints manned by armed factions – but also in countries hosting them as refugees, the UN has said.

Refugees face Libyan slave markets under proposed European law

07 December, 2017

Comment: New EU Commission reforms could see refugees returned to 'safe' countries that are anything but safe in reality, writes Matt Broomfield.

US embassy issues Jordan warning over 'violent Jerusalem protests'

06 December, 2017

Protests broke out in Jordan's capital Amman on Wednesday in areas inhabited by Palestinian refugees, after US President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Rescue ship saves Syrian refugee in boat off Libya

05 December, 2017

A 30-year-old Syrian refugee who set out solo in a tiny rubber boat from Libya was saved on Monday after a last-minute check by humanitarian rescuers.

Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump's travel ban

05 December, 2017

The US Supreme court has indicated that it will approve Trump's controversial travel ban, with only of the court's justices noting their disagreements with the policy.

Forget Jerusalem: US-Saudi plan peddles 'alternative Palestinian capital'

04 December, 2017

A peace plan emerging from America's diplomatic push is weighted in Israel's favour, with Saudi positions on Jerusalem aligning with Trump's expected shift to recognise the city as Israel's capital.

Ten Syrians killed in people-smuggling minibus crash

04 December, 2017

Syrian refugees and a driver were killed in a collision while crossing the Turkish border.

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