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Jordan 'hits limit' hosting Syrian refugees

25 May, 2017

Jordan has reached the limit of its capacity to cope with the burden of hosting Syrian refugees, Planning Minister Imad al-Fakhoury said in a statement.

Syrian refugees 'stuck between Morocco and Algeria'

24 May, 2017

A group of around 50 Syrian refugees trapped between Morocco and Algeria face a "catastrophic situation" with women and children among those stranded.

Assad turns to Iran to help 'stabilise' battered economy

23 May, 2017

Comment: Syria's economic situation remains in dire straits, but relative 'stability' in regime-held areas has seen Assad turn to Iran for new investment, writes Mona Alami.

Islamophobia and terror: two sides of one coin

23 May, 2017

Blog: Terrorism is us, and the sooner we connect our shared experiences of oppression, the less power we give to the twin ideologies of hatred, writes Hadani Ditmars.

UK law penalises British citizens for marrying non-Brits

23 May, 2017

Comment: UK government plans to further increase the income requirement for UK sponsors hoping to live with a foreign spouse are discriminatory and harmful, writes Imogen Lambert.

Beirut Madinati to Beirut Pride: What's Nasrallah afraid of?

22 May, 2017

Comment: Without sectarian and patriarchal oppression, none of the warlords-turned-politicians, their business associates or their (exclusively male) religious allies can operate, writes Joey Ayoub.

It's business as usual for Trump's 'War on Terror'

22 May, 2017

Comment: Trump calling on Muslim nations to fight 'radicalisation' simply deflects attention away from the US' own role in bolstering the ranks of extremist groups, writes Waqas Mirza.

Trump should know: Bibi won't budge

22 May, 2017

Comment: There may be fireworks when the US president lands in Israel, but Netanyahu will be happy to brush off the desires of a flailing presidency, writes Andrew Leber.

Neglecting refugees' mental health will ensure integration fails

19 May, 2017

Comment: The mental health needs of refugees have often been neglected, but good mental health services are key to helping refugees into work and education, writes Anisa Abeytia.

'New' Hamas charter at least a decade old

19 May, 2017

Comment: Much of Hamas' 'new' charter can be found in old policy documents, with minor changes likely motivated by a desire to appease the UAE and Egypt, writes Imogen Lambert.

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