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How Labneh led Lebanon high on world health rankings

25 April, 2017

Lebanon is the healthiest Arab country, according to the Bloomberg 2017 Global Health Index report released last month. And here's why...

Freed Kuwait opposition leader calls for reconciliation

25 April, 2017

Mussallam al-Barrak, one of Kuwait's best known political figures, is calling for national reconciliation to rescue the oil-rich Gulf state just days after his release from jail.

Saudi Arabia makes a rare example out of minister

24 April, 2017

The Saudi government made a rare move by publicly stating the reasons for sacking the minister of civil service, but are there other reasons for the official's dismissal?

UN-backed Libya leader to meet Trump in Washington

24 April, 2017

UN-backed Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj has been invited to meet US President Donald Trump and his administration in Washington in June, a source has told The New Arab.

Saudi Arabia brings back allowances and shakes-up cabinet

23 April, 2017

A series of royal decrees by Saudi King Salman will see military and civil service allowances reinstated, while there are some new faces in the kingdom's cabinet.

Sisi in Riyadh to patch-up Saudi-Egypt rift

23 April, 2017

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is meeting with Saudi King Salman in Riyadh in bid to mend broken ties, according to sources.

Saudi air-force pilot son of king named US envoy

22 April, 2017

Saudi Arabia on Saturday named an air force pilot son of King Salman as ambassador to its major ally Washington, with which ties are improving under President Donald Trump.

Election: Melenchon's vision for France and the Middle East

22 April, 2017

Interview: Has France's foreign policy helped recruit soldiers to Islamic State, and what should the republic's foreign policy be in Syria, Yemen and beyond? Melenchon's spokesperson, Charlotte Girard responds.

Saudi malls to hire locals only: ministry

21 April, 2017

Saudi Arabia's labour ministry announced plans to prioritise Saudi citizens for job vacancies at malls across the kingdom on Thursday, in the latest attempt to boost employment rates among locals.

'Blacklist Saudi Arabia for Yemen child abuses', UN urged

20 April, 2017

Save the Children and Watchlist call for Saudi Arabia to be placed on the UN's annual list of groups and countries responsible for grave violations against children.

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