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Iraqi Kurdish opposition party urges Barzani to quit

23 October, 2017

The Goran movement called on Iraqi Kurdistan's president Massud Barzani and his deputy Kosrat Rasul to step down after Baghdad seized swathes of disputed territory from Kurdish forces.

Low oil prices cause Gulf stock markets to plummet

22 October, 2017

Violent geopolitical events in the region and collapsed oil prices have dented liquidity levels, according to a new report published on Sunday.

US diplomat Tillerson joins landmark Saudi-Iraq meeting

22 October, 2017

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attended the first meeting of the joint Saudi-Iraqi coordination council in Riyadh on Sunday as part of his second visit to the Middle East.

US-backed forces seize major Syria oil field from IS

22 October, 2017

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces announced the capture of the al-Omar oil field in the province of Deir az-Zour, which was seized by the Islamic State group in 2014.

UN ends month-long Libya talks with little progress

22 October, 2017

A month of UN-backed Libya peace talks held in Tunisia have ended with little progress towards stabilising the country or holding elections.

Iraq PM arrives on Saudi visit amid warming relations

21 October, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has arrived in Riyadh for a visit aimed at upgrading strategic ties, amid warming relations between the Arab neighbours.

Tillerson's Mideast aim is a Saudi-Iraqi axis against Iran

21 October, 2017

During Tillerson's Middle East visit, he hopes to achieve a new alliance between Saudi Arabia and Iraq that would shut the doors of the Arab world to neighbouring Iran.

Three more ministries added to UAE's mammoth government

21 October, 2017

Three more ministries were added to the UAE's already considerable government this week, including a ministry devoted to artificial intelligence.

Holding firm, Kurds take a stand for Erbil

21 October, 2017

After capturing the city of Kirkul, Iraqi government fighters are driving deeper into Kurdish territory and look poised to make a grab for the KRG's capital, Erbil.

Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Kurdish vice president

20 October, 2017

A court in Baghdad on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for the vice president of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region after he said Iraqi armed forces had 'occupied' Kirkuk.

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