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Somalia readies for 'state of war' after deadliest attack

22 October, 2017

Somalia's president on Saturday urged troops to prepare for a "state of war" against al-Shabaab, as the death toll reached 358 for the country's deadliest attack.

'Me Too' in MENA

20 October, 2017

Blog: Harassment is a universal experience for women, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Lebanon buries remains of family killed in Grenfell inferno

17 October, 2017

The remains of a family of six killed by a deadly inferno that tore through London's Grenfell Tower were buried in the family's Bekaa Valley hometown on Monday.

Iraqi army seizes Kirkuk oil fields from Kurdish forces

16 October, 2017

Iraq's military seized two major oil fields from Kurdish forces outside the disputed city of Kirkuk, the army said in a statement on Monday.

Somalia's 'deadliest' terror attack kills 276, injures 300

16 October, 2017

Desperate Mogadishu residents searched for news of missing relatives after a monster explosion on Saturday killed at least 276 people and wounded 300 others.

Death toll from Somalia's Mogadishu blast rises to 189

15 October, 2017

The death toll from the most powerful bomb blast witnessed in Somalia's capital rose to 189 with more than 200 injured, police and hospital sources said on Sunday.

Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from war-torn Mosul still displaced: NGO

15 October, 2017

The Norwegian Refugee Council said nearly 700,000 Iraqis from the former Islamic State stronghold of Mosul and nearby areas are still displaced despite the city's recapture three months ago.

Families of missing Syrians tour London on 'Freedom Bus'

12 October, 2017

Activists on Wednesday drove a 'Freedom Bus' around the British capital to draw attention to tens of thousands of detained and missing people in Syria.

EU pays Sudan blood-money to stop migrant routes

09 October, 2017

EU governments are silencing their internal concerns over massive human rights violations in Sudan while paying out money to prevent the flow of migrants into Europe.

Kuwait risks paying a high price for cheap oil

03 October, 2017

Comment: If Kuwait's government doesn't act now to restructure the economy, the country's over-reliance on a single source of wealth could prove disastrous, writes Fouad al-Obaid.

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