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Lost at sea? Tunisian mothers mourn their disappeared

27 April, 2017

As the Jasmine revolution blossomed in 2011, many young Tunisians left for Europe in search of a better life, never to be seen, or heard from again.

Over 16,000 Yemenis 'abducted by Houthis' since 2015

26 April, 2017

Thousands of people have been abducted by the Houthi rebels and many still remain missing in Yemen as the war rages on, a new Rights Radar report has revealed.

Iran rejects detained British-Iranian woman’s appeal

24 April, 2017

A British-Iranian woman detained in Iran while on a trip with her toddler daughter has exhausted all chance of having her five-year prison sentence overturned in court, her family said.

Deadly regime airstrikes target hospital in opposition-held Syria province

22 April, 2017

Missiles struck a medical centre in Syria's northern rebel-held province, putting the facility built underground for protection out of service and killing a number of its staff

Watch: Hamas produces video suggesting captive Israeli soldiers alive

21 April, 2017

Hamas's military wing has produced a new video that suggests two Israeli soldiers missing in action during the last war in Gaza in 2014 are alive and in its custody.

US to miss Russia meeting with UN Syria envoy

20 April, 2017

UN's Staffan de Mistura has announced a 'intense bilateral meeting' with Russia about the Syria war, but the US will be missing from the talks with no explanation given.

Thousands of 'disappeared' under Yemen's reign of terror

19 April, 2017

In-depth: Mimicking the regime they say they want to replace, Yemen's rebels are imposing a reign of terror, but life elsewhere in Yemen isn't much better, writes Paola Tamma.

Syrian regime gives thousands of Palestinian prisoners 'Israeli treatment'

17 April, 2017

As thousands of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel go on hunger strike, Palestinian groups are also highlighting the lesser-known plight of thousands of Palestinian detainees held by the Syrian regime.

3,000 refugees 'rescued off Libya coast'

15 April, 2017

The Italian coastguard and other boats rescued some 3,000 people from unseaworthy boats off the Libyan coast on Saturday.

HRW demands information on four Palestinians missing in Egypt

14 April, 2017

HRW has urged Egyptian authorities to 'immediately disclose' whether they are or were holding four Palestinian men from Gaza affiliated with Hamas whose whereabouts are unknown.

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