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Iraqi police clash with pro-Iran militia in Baghdad

20 June, 2018

Iraqi police and a pro-Iran militia have clashed in the capital Baghdad, as tensions between state security forces and irregulars rise.

IS stage mass kidnappings, executions during Iraq resurgence

19 June, 2018

IS take advantage of weak security in Mosul, waging three days of attacks including mass kidnappings, executions and bombings that have terrorised locals and left dozens dead or missing.

Five people die and scores rescued off Libya

19 June, 2018

More than a hundred people were rescued while five died after a boat carrying refugees sank off the Libya coast.

Jewish artefacts feared stolen amid chaos of Syria war

18 June, 2018

Activists have raised concerns about Jewish artefacts that appear to have been stoled from Syria and sold outside the country.

Lebanon FM 'endangering lives of anti-Assad Syria refugees'

17 June, 2018

Lebanon is ignoring the safety of thousands of Syrian refugees in the country who are opponents of the Assad regime, as it increases pressure from them to return.

Jewish artefacts disappear from Damascus in fog of war

17 June, 2018

Jewish artefacts, including ancient parchment torahs from one of the world's oldest synagogues, have gone missing from Damascus amid the ongoing civil war, with some precious items reportedly

World Cup kick-off! Egypt-Uruguay LIVEBLOG

15 June, 2018

Minute-by-minute updates from Egypt's opening game in its 2018 FIFA World Cup campaign, against South America titans Uruguay.

HRW slams Saudi Arabia's 'unprecedented crackdown' on activists

14 June, 2018

A leading international rights group has slammed the Saudi Arabia's 'unprecedented and vicious' crackdown on activists in the kingdom, as the crown prince presents cosmetic reforms.

Syrian orphans who fled Aleppo find new home

11 June, 2018

Nearly 50 children orphaned by the Syrian war escaped their hometown of Aleppo after they appeared in a video and appealed for their lives as the regime move in.

Pakistan army denies involvement in abduction of British-Pakistani writer

10 June, 2018

Pakistan's army said it had checked every intelligence agency to see whether the activist had been detained by them, maintaining it had no involvement in her disappearance.

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