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Hisham is free, but Yemen's 'disappeared' crisis continues

17 January, 2018

Comment: As we celebrate Hisham's release, it must also serve as a reminder of the thousands of forcibly disappeared young men across the country, writes Afrah Nasser.

British man missing in Israel 'may have Jerusalem syndrome'

17 January, 2018

Israeli police say they have discovered religious paraphernalia thought to belong to a missing British tourist in the Negev desert.

Armenia recognises genocide of Yazidis in Iraq

16 January, 2018

IS militants murdered Yazidis in their thousands in 2014 and abducted thousands of women and teenage girls to make them sex slaves.

Syria opposition to attend UN peace talks in Vienna

16 January, 2018

The Syrian opposition has announced their intention to attend the UN peace talks in Vienna, previously held in Geneva

Syrian rebel losses do not mean victory for Assad

15 January, 2018

Comment: Regime gains on the ground in Idlib and eastern Ghouta will not be the end of the struggle for Syria, writes Mona Alami.

Iranian tanker sinks in flames, no hope of survivors

14 January, 2018

A Iranian oil tanker burst into flames from end to end and sank on Sunday, eight days after a collision with a cargo ship off China, state media said.

Iraqi Yazidis celebrate restoration of temple destroyed by IS

12 January, 2018

Iraq's Yazidi community have celebrated the restoration of a temple in Bashiqa, one of 68 temples destroyed by Islamic State militants.

#JusticeForZainab: Anger after child brutally raped, killed in Pakistan

12 January, 2018

Zainab was last seen alive on CCTV footage being led away by an unknown man. Her family say Pakistani police were negligent in the little girl's case.

Jerusalem: Bringing on the apocalypse in a theme park

10 January, 2018

World leaders are playing political chess with Jerusalem while Disneyfying its history, notes Hadani Ditmars.

The Iraq Report: IS blamed for PMF's mass graves

10 January, 2018

This week in Iraq: The Islamic State group were monstrous, but they were not the only ones.

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