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Efforts to smother BDS are only empowering it

16 August, 2017

Comment: With endorsement from the Democratic Socialists of America, BDS continues to gain momentum, despite unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism, writes Usaid Siddiqui.

UN comes under twin attack by militants in Mali

15 August, 2017

Two UN bases have been attacked in Mali, with a peacekeeper and Malian security guard killed, a militants continue their campaign against the mission's presence in the country.

Roadside bomb in Pakistan kills troops and civilians

15 August, 2017

At least eight Pakistani soldiers and seven civilians were killed in a bomb blast in Baluchistan, as militant groups target the army while the country celebrates 70 years of independence

Four Egyptian policemen gunned down in restive Sinai region

10 August, 2017

Ambush by unknown gunmen kills four Egyptian policemen in region that has been prone to militant Islamist insurgency.

Saudi Arabia 'in control' of 'flattened' Shia district

09 August, 2017

Saudi Arabia's destructive campaign in the Shia-majority eastern province is 'complete' with huge concern over the human cost in this brutal security offensive.

Is the Bahraini Muslim Brotherhood's 'special status' over?

07 August, 2017

Comment: Bahrain's government, under pressure from its Sunni Arab allies, may be drastically changing its attitude towards the Muslim Brotherhood, write Dr Courtney Freer and Giorgio Cafiero.

The Iraq Report: Iraq becoming a theocratic rump state

27 July, 2017

Analysis: Welcome to The New Arab's weekly digest of events in Iraq

Egypt opens largest military base in Middle East

23 July, 2017

Egypt has unveiled a huge military base in a ceremony which featured topless soldiers lifting weights and performing press-ups on army trucks.

Indonesia blocks Telegram messaging app over 'terrorism' content

15 July, 2017

Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority nation, has blocked Telegram app over fears it was being used to spread "terrorist" propaganda as the Islamic State group lose territory in Syria and Iraq

Wearing the enemy down: Islamic State's desperate new tactics

05 July, 2017

Cornered IS militants are resorting to increasingly desperate and illegal measures, including wearing enemy SDF and Iraqi army uniforms to attack forces in Raqqa and Mosul.

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