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Meeting Rula Quawas

28 July, 2017

Comment: The death of Jordanian professor Rula Quawas is a great loss; she shaped many lives and staunchly defended women's rights. Amal Awad shares her experience of their meeting.

Body of 'tortured' Egyptian teenager discovered days after arrest

27 July, 2017

Egyptians demand answers after a Coptic teenager was found dead, bearing alleged signs of torture after being detained for two days.

Saudi Arabia 'must come clean' over senior royal's 'detention'

27 July, 2017

Human rights group sends letter to Saudi foreign minister requesting clarity on the status of former Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is reportedly under house arrest.

The Iraq Report: Iraq becoming a theocratic rump state

27 July, 2017

Analysis: Welcome to The New Arab's weekly digest of events in Iraq

Bahrain charges 60 Shias in mass 'terrorism' trial

27 July, 2017

Bahrain has charged 60 people with forming a "terrorist group", with a judicial source saying all 60 are Shias, as authorities tighten their grip on dissent in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.

SDF forces seize 'half of Raqqa' from IS

26 July, 2017

A US-backed alliance of Arab and Kurdish fighters has ousted Islamic State group militants from half of their Syrian bastion in Raqqa, as the civilian death toll mounts.

Trump misfires on Mideast, bars transgender soldiers from army

26 July, 2017

Trump showed a lack of understanding of Lebanon's political realities, then made a controversial announcement that could possibly see thousands of US transgendered soldiers expelled from the army

UN: Saudi-led coalition behind deadly Yemen migrant boat attack

26 July, 2017

The UN has accused a Saudi-led military coalition of an attack on a Somali migrant boat in March which killed dozens of people.

Jordan loses leading intellectual and women's right champion

26 July, 2017

A well-known champion of women's rights in Jordan and adored by her many students, Rula Quawas' death has touched the many people who knew her.

Australia is having an identity crisis

26 July, 2017

Comment: Growing up as an Arab-Muslim in the West, I was expected to forge an 'Australian' identity, even when I wasn't considered Australian, writes Amal Awad.

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