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Despite positive reforms in Tunisia, more democratic changes needed

22 September, 2017

Comment: While Tunisia is lauded for its progress on human rights laws there is a desire for greater democratic reforms in the "model Arab nation", writes Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Tunisia to ban 'forced anal exams' for homosexuality

22 September, 2017

Tunisia, where sodomy is punishable by jail, has committed to banning forced anal examinations to determine sexual orientation, the North African state's minister for human rights said on Friday.

Egypt proposes stripping citizenship from individuals 'posing security threat'

22 September, 2017

Egypt’s cabinet proposed an amendment to allow Egyptian citizenship to be stripped from anyone seen as a security threat to the state.

Nubian minorities stand no chance amid Egypt's racist tyranny

22 September, 2017

Comment: Basic human rights are nowhere to be found in Egypt's police state, writes Sam Hamad.

US-made bomb killed Yemen civilians in Saudi-led airstrike: Amnesty

22 September, 2017

A bomb that destroyed a residential building in Sanaa last month, killing 16 civilians and injuring 17 others - including five-year-old Buthaina, was made in the US, Amnesty International said.

Rohingya refugee camps on brink of a 'health disaster'

22 September, 2017

Bangladesh's refugee camps are on the brink of a "public health disaster," Doctors Without Borders has warned, saying filthy water and faeces flow through shanties sheltering Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.

'Israeli strikes' hit weapons depot near Damascus airport

22 September, 2017

Two rockets struck near Damascus airport at dawn on Friday, an attack probably carried out by Israeli jets from outside Syria’s borders, the Syrian Observatory said on Friday.

Syrian activist and journalist daughter found dead in Istanbul

22 September, 2017

A Syrian opposition activist Aroubeh Barakat and her journalist daughter Halla were found dead at their home in Istanbul, activists and a relative said.

Satellite images reveal mass destruction of Rohingya villages

21 September, 2017

New satellite imagery from Myanmar shows the destruction of 214 Rohingya villages, providing compelling evidence of the military's campaign of ethnic cleansing against the country's Muslim minority, says HRW.

US-backed force 'mopping up' last IS holdouts in Raqqa

21 September, 2017

An Arab-Kurdish alliance fought to clear the last remaining Islamic State group militants holed up in their crumbling stronghold of Raqqa on Thursday.

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