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Coptic Christians – Egypt's forsaken community

27 April, 2017

The latest attacks on Egyptian Copts was shocking, but hardly new. Copts face discrimination daily from their fellow countrymen and from the regime that granted them equality in the constitution.

Under blockade and political rift, crimes soar in Gaza

27 April, 2017

As an unprecedented spike in crime rocks Gaza, Arafat looks at the core factors throwing Gaza into further instability.

Israeli strikes hit arms depot near Damascus airport

27 April, 2017

Israeli airstrikes on Thursday targeted an arms supply hub operated by Hizballah near Damascus airport, where weapons from Tehran are regularly transferred by planes.

No Danish return: Expelled 'family-oriented' Palestinian 'gangbanger' loses appeal

27 April, 2017

A Palestinian man deported from Denmark following convictions including drug trafficking and carrying arms has lost an appeal to return to the country and be reunited with his family.

Clashes erupt between Turkish troops and Kurdish fighters

27 April, 2017

Rocket and artillery fire was exchanged between Kurdish and Turkish troops on the Syria border after a tense day between the two sides.

Bahrain strips 36 Shia nationals of citizenship

26 April, 2017

A Bahraini court also jailed the 36 citizens convicted of forming a 'terrorist group' with the aim of attacking police.

Hodeida's looming battle will starve Yemen

26 April, 2017

Comment: Cutting of food supplies is becoming strategic line of attack in Yemen's ongoing civil war, with potentially disastrous consequences for civilians, writes Sophia Akram.

China bans Islamic baby names in Muslim-majority Xinjiang

26 April, 2017

Chinese authorities have banned Islamic baby names in the country's largest Muslim province, as part of a crackdown on alleged "extremism" that monitors say restricts fundamental rights.

Over 16,000 Yemenis 'abducted by Houthis' since 2015

26 April, 2017

Thousands of people have been abducted by the Houthi rebels and many still remain missing in Yemen as the war rages on, a new Rights Radar report has revealed.

US-backed forces demand Syria no-fly zone after Turkish airstrikes

26 April, 2017

US-backed Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State group in northern Syria have condemned Turkish strikes on allied forces, calling for a no-fly zone to be established.

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