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Saudi pledges aid to Yemen cholera crisis it created

21 February, 2018

Saudi Arabia has pledged $11 million to help the World Health Organisation respond to Yemen's cholera crisis - a deadly epidemic resulting from the kingdom's intervention in the country.

UN appoints former British diplomat as new Yemen envoy

17 February, 2018

A former British diplomat has been given the difficult task of leading UN efforts to end the war in Yemen, where fighting sees no signs of abating.

One in six children live in a war-zone: report

15 February, 2018

Ahead of a security conference, Save the Children has released a shocking report highlighting a 300 percent increase on attacks against children, calling on global leaders to do more.

Yemeni women turn to shisha amid ordeal of war

14 February, 2018

Health fears go up in smoke amid risk of death through war or disease, reports Khalid al-Karimi.

Yemen: 85,000 displaced in ten weeks as violence surges

11 February, 2018

Tens of thousands of people have fled Hodeida and Taiz governorates on Yemen's west coast where conditions are continuing to rapidly deteriorate, the UN's refugee agency said.

Yemen PM seeks reconciliation after deadly Aden clashes

07 February, 2018

Yemen's prime minister appealed on Wednesday for reconciliation with southern separatists after deadly clashes last month.

The quest for identity: How Kurds are rediscovering Zoroastrianism

05 February, 2018

Official recognition has freed many Kurds to return to the faith of their forefathers after widespread abuses under Saddam's regime, reports Sylvain Mercadier.

Saudi coalition kills eight, including child in Yemen airstrike

04 February, 2018

The Saudi-led coalition has killed eight people, including one child and wounding dozens more in an airstrike on a police station in Yemen's capital Sanaa, Houthis say.

Yemen in 2018: Deepening war or nearing peace?

02 February, 2018

Analysis: Politicians and warlords have the stamina to continue the war indefinitely, but the people of Yemen are paying the price, writes Khalid al-Karimi.

UAE and Saudi officials meet to end Aden clashes

01 February, 2018

Officials from Abu Dhabi and Riyadh have met to end battles between UAE-backed southern separatists and forces loyal to Yemen's internationally-recognised government in Aden.

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