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Yemen: The tragedy deepens

21 April, 2017

Special coverage: A war fuelled by geopolitical rivals is tearing apart the Middle East's poorest nation. Now famine stalks a landmine-strewn country where millions have been forced from their homes.

Famine is already killing children in Yemen

19 April, 2017

In-depth: As aid supplies dwindle due to cuts to funding and denial of access, abandoned Yemenis attempt to self-organise, reports Paola Tamma.

Will Hodeida become Yemen's next tragedy?

19 April, 2017

Comment: Hodeida is a city already devastated by poverty, but as the fighting edges closer, there are concerns that a fresh humanitarian crisis is looming, writes Khalid Al-Karimi.

Thousands of 'disappeared' under Yemen's reign of terror

19 April, 2017

In-depth: Mimicking the regime they say they want to replace, Yemen's rebels are imposing a reign of terror, but life elsewhere in Yemen isn't much better, writes Paola Tamma.

What role for Pakistan in 'Muslim Nato'?

19 April, 2017

Comment: Pakistan's Raheel Sharif was recently appointed head of the Islamic Military Alliance, but Lahore should instead look to play a 'neutral arbiter' role, writes Usaid Siddiqui.

US pushes for 'quick return' to Yemen peace talks

18 April, 2017

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said the US wants UN-backed peace talks in Yemen to return 'as soon as possible,' during the start of his Middle East tour on Tuesday.

The war on love and marriage in war-torn Yemen

13 April, 2017

Hopes of finding love have quickly shattered in Yemen, as more young adults than ever before are now unable to afford to get married.

Dozens killed in battle for Yemen's Red Sea coast

13 April, 2017

Intensified confrontations between government forces and Houthi rebels on Yemen's southwestern coast have killed 18 fighters in the past 24 hours, military officials said on Wednesday.

Mass starvation looms over Yemen, Africa amid donations shortfall

12 April, 2017

The UN and relief agencies reiterate calls to plug a shortfall in funding as 'inevitable' humanitarian disasters loom over parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Five Sudanese troops killed in Yemen: army

11 April, 2017

An officer and five troops were killed while on duty in Yemen, the Sudanese military said in a rare announcement made on Tuesday.

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