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Clashes erupt in Taiz after Red Cross worker killed

23 April, 2018

Fierce clashes in Taiz's Jahmaliah district left at least five pro-government soldiers dead, in an operation against militants suspected to be behind the murder of an ICRC employee.

Saudi Arabia bans unauthorised drone use after palace breach

23 April, 2018

Saudi Arabia's interior ministry has banned the use of drones in the kingdom, after a security breach at a royal palace sparked fears of a coup attempt.

Yemen's Houthis 'seized 19 oil vessels', Saudi Arabia claims

22 April, 2018

Houthi rebels have seized over a dozen oil vessels, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Yemen has claimed.

Toy drone near royal palace causes panic in Riyadh

21 April, 2018

Saudi forces on Saturday shot down an unidentified toy drone that hovered over a Riyadh neighbourhood home to royal palaces, prompting a security alarm in the capital.

Lebanese aid worker gunned down in Yemen

21 April, 2018

A Lebanese Red Cross worker has been shot dead in in the southern Yemen city of Taiz.

Yemen claims Iran supplies Houthi rebels with drones

15 April, 2018

Drones are "made in Iran" said the Saudi-backed Yemeni government, claiming that it was impossible to manufacture them locally.

Riyadh intercepts missile fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels

12 April, 2018

The Saudi-led coalition waging an offensive against rebels in Yemen announced that it intercepted a missile fired by the Houthis over the southern city of Jizan on Thursday.

'Seven children killed' in Saudi-led Yemen airstrikes in Hodeidah

02 April, 2018

Around 16 people have been killed, including seven children, following airstrikes by a Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen.

Yemen does the impossible: This week's Middle East football

01 April, 2018

A rare moment of joy for Yemen as the war-battered country celebrates its biggest football achievement ever, writes Uri Levy.

Blaze ravages UN food agency warehouse in 'starving' Yemen

31 March, 2018

A "massive" blaze destroyed large quantities of aid in Yemen's Hodeida, the rebel-run Saba news agency reported.

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