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Rebels leave behind labyrinth of tunnels under Syria's Ghouta

03 April, 2018

Rebels leave behind an advanced tunnel system as evacuations from East Ghouta continue.

Russia blames Ghouta 'truce' failure on Syrian opposition

28 February, 2018

Despite a UN 30-day ceasefire and subsequent five-hour daily 'truce', the death toll continues to rise in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta.

'The smell of blood' haunts Homs neighbourhood al-Waer

14 February, 2017

A renewed regime onslaught on the besieged neighbourhood of al-Waer is quickly making life for those trapped in the area unbearable, with medical services hugely compromised amid ongoing bombardment.

'Battle for Aleppo over' as Russia 'ends operations'

13 December, 2016

During an emergency UN summit, Moscow claimed that pro-regime forces have ended their assault on Syria's second city Aleppo, but warned fighters could still be targeted.

Syrian men and boys missing after entering regime-held Aleppo

09 December, 2016

The UN has echoed concerns from family members about the fate of hundreds of Syrian men and boys who disappeared when they entered regime-held areas of Aleppo.

Government airstrikes, rebel shelling defy Aleppo truce

04 November, 2016

Syria's warring factions have continued to use force despite the implementation of a Russian-declared truce in Aleppo on Friday.

World not convinced by Russia's 'humanitarian pause' in Syria

18 October, 2016

A host of international actors and aid organisations have questioned a Russian proposal for a brief ceasefire in Syria, saying the intention is to shore up regime's recent victories

Russia to 'briefly pause' carpet-bombing Aleppo

18 October, 2016

Russian and Syrian air forces have stopped bombing Aleppo as of 0700 GMT on Tuesday, after pre-dawn strikes hit several rebel-held neighbourhoods killing at least 14 civilians.

Talks to 'distance' Syrian rebels from former al-Qaeda group

18 October, 2016

Russia has claimed that pro-opposition Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have agreed to talks to distance rebels from Jabhat Fateh al-Sham - formerly affiliated to al-Qaeda.

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