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US, Syrian opposition claim Assad still has chemical capability

19 April, 2018

Both the Pentagon and Syrian opposition officials have voiced their concern that the Assad regime still has capacity to conduct chemical attacks, despite last week's US-led airstrikes.

Trump's Syria 'action' is a triumph for Assad

18 April, 2018

Comment: The coalition's attack on Assad's chemical weapons bases demonstrates they have no intention whatsoever of making a meaningful intervention in Syria, writes Sam Hamad.

Bigger, not better: Assessing Trump's latest bombing of Syria

17 April, 2018

Analysis: If past strikes are anything to go by, this latest round of missiles is unlikely to deter Assad from gassing his people again in the future, writes Paul Iddon.

Syria intervention deepens the UK's political divide

15 April, 2018

The UK's participation in missile strikes on the Syria regime has divided the country, after May broke with convention by ordering military strikes without parliamentary approval.

Thousands in Athens march against US-led Syria strikes

15 April, 2018

A protest organised by the Communist party in Athens is protesting the US-led strikes against the Syrian regime.

Syria strikes: Arab countries respond

14 April, 2018

Arab countries are split on Saturday's US-led airstrikes against the Syrian regime, in response to a fatal chemical attack last week.

Syria airstrikes: What happened and why?

14 April, 2018

Syria has been hit by a series of airstrikes by a US-led force. What happened, what were the targets, what was the damage, and why did it take place?

Probe into Syria chemical attack to continue

14 April, 2018

A chemical watchdog has vowed that the probe into a suspected chemical attack in Douma which left dozens dead will continue, despite Western airstrikes.

Russia: 'No civilian or military casualties in Syria strikes'

14 April, 2018

Russia has downplayed the US-UK-French strikes on Syria, saying there were no casualties in the bombing with Moscow informed before the intervention.

US, France, Britain launch airstrikes on Syria

14 April, 2018

The United States, Britain and France carried out a wave of punitive strikes on Syria's capital Damascus in response to alleged chemical weapons attacks by Bashar al-Assad's regime.

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