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Yemen's Houthis 'fire ballistic missile' at UAE nuclear reactor

03 December, 2017

Yemen's Houthi rebels claimed to have fired a ballistic missile towards a nuclear power plant in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, the group's television has claimed on Sunday

Islamic State - the best of enemies?

15 November, 2017

Comment: The collapsing 'caliphate' has exposed the significant differences between American and Russian visions for Syria, writes James Denselow.

Russian missiles 'destroy' Islamic State base in Syria

31 October, 2017

Russia's Ministry of Defence says it fired three ballistic missiles from its submarine which destroyed a command post of the Islamic State group in Syria's eastern Deir az-Zour province.

Khan Sheikhoun massacre: proof beyond doubt who's to blame

28 October, 2017

The UN confirmed this week widely-held suspicions that the Syrian regime carried out a chemical attack on an opposition village in Idlib province. Here's what we know about the massacre.

Damascus puts Kurdish-led militia on notice

25 September, 2017

Analysis: The SDF, backed by the US, is making a play for oil-rich territories in Syria - but so is Assad's Syrian army, backed by Russia, reports Paul Iddon.

Russia fires cruise missiles at IS stronghold in Syria

14 September, 2017

Russia's military fired seven cruise missiles on Thursday at Islamic State targets in the eastern Syrian province of Deir ez-Zour as pro-government forces closed in on the militants there

Iran tests home-grown air defence system

03 September, 2017

Iran tested its home-grown air defence system, designed to match the Russian S-300, the head of the Revolutionary Guards' air defence has said.

Iran's priority to boost missile power: defence minister

02 September, 2017

Iran's new defence minister Amir Hatami said on Saturday the priority was to boost the country's missile programme and export weapons to shore up neighbouring allies including Syria and Iraq.

Russia sends new submarines to Syria coast

30 August, 2017

Russia has sent two refurbished submarines to the Syria coast, capable on launching cruise missiles on opposition areas in the country.

Russia's next half-century in Syria

01 August, 2017

Analysis: Legal immunity is guaranteed for Russian troops in Syria for decades to come, notes Paul Iddon.

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