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How Palestinians came to reject Kurdish demands for homeland

25 September, 2017

Comment: Among the strangest realities uncovered by the referendum in Northern Iraq is the Palestinian denial of Kurdish hopes for independence and a state of their own, writes Roger Hercz.

Kurds push ahead with independence vote despite regional concerns

22 September, 2017

Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani on Friday insisted that a 25 September independence referendum will still go ahead, despite regional condemnation of the historic vote.

'Israeli strikes' hit weapons depot near Damascus airport

22 September, 2017

Two rockets struck near Damascus airport at dawn on Friday, an attack probably carried out by Israeli jets from outside Syria’s borders, the Syrian Observatory said on Friday.

Syrian activist and journalist daughter found dead in Istanbul

22 September, 2017

A Syrian opposition activist Aroubeh Barakat and her journalist daughter Halla were found dead at their home in Istanbul, activists and a relative said.

Iran group 'hacking aviation, petrochemicals' in Saudi Arabia, US

20 September, 2017

A group of hackers suspected of working for the Iranian government is targeting the aviation and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia, the US and South Korea.

British politician 'Beirut basement' comment on Brexit sparks outrage

20 September, 2017

Lebanese MP Nadim Gemayel has accused Sir Vince Cable of perpetuating an out-of-date image of the Lebanon in his recent comments, and invited the Liberal Democrat leader to visit.

Hamas calls on Palestinian Authority to end Gaza sanctions

19 September, 2017

Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh has called on the rival Palestinian Authority to end its sanctions on Gaza after the Islamist movement made concessions to Ramallah.

Israel shoots down 'Hizballah drone' then strikes Lebanon-Syria border

19 September, 2017

The Israeli military says it has shot down a drone that attempted to enter the airspace above the Golan Heights.

Militants, including Chinese, launch offensive on Syrian regime troops

19 September, 2017

A Syrian monitoring group says insurgents led by an al-Qaeda-linked group have launched a wide offensive against pro-government troops south of their stronghold in the western province of Idlib.

100 years of murderous injustice: Marking Balfour with BDS

18 September, 2017

Comment: With the centenary of the Balfour Declaration fast approaching, pro-Palestinian campaigners must work harder than ever to galvanise support, writes Malia Bouattia.

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