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'Pro-Assad' Congresswoman Gabbard loses key support ahead of primaries

24 May, 2018

Hawaii's teacher's union revoked its support for Democrat 'rising star' Tulsi Gabbard, over her vocal support of Syrian dictator al-Assad, which could prove fatal for her in this summer's primaries.

Scott Ritter has completely lost it on Syria

21 May, 2018

Comment: Once a voice of reason on WMDs in Iraq, Ritter has been taken in by conspiracy theories and propaganda to draw fundamentally flawed conclusions on Syria, writes Stanley Heller.

France freezes company assets over Syria chemical weapons links

18 May, 2018

France has sanctioned nine companies and three individuals suspected of developing chemical weapons for the Syrian regime.

Could Iran sustain a war against Israel in Syria?

17 May, 2018

Analysis: Any full-scale Israel-Iran war that begins in Syria will not end there, writes Paul Iddon.

OPCW confirms chlorine used in February attack in Syria

16 May, 2018

The chemical weapons' watchdog has said chlorine was 'likely' used in an attack in Syria's Saraqeb in February.

April showed Syrian conflict is as dangerous as ever

09 May, 2018

Analysis: Even though the Syrian conflict is almost a decade old, last month's deadly events prove it is still as devastating and dangerous as ever, writes Paul Iddon.

Suspected Israeli strike near Damascus kills nine pro-regime fighters

09 May, 2018

The strikes on Iran-backed Syrian forces comes hours after Trump announced the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

UN: Syria must respond to chemical weapons questions

04 May, 2018

Syria's government has refused to answer questions regarding its chemical weapons programme causing the UN 'deep concern'.

Iran destroys mass graves of 1988 prison massacre victims

01 May, 2018

Human rights groups estimate as many as 5,000 people were executed in 1988 during a wartime purge of political prisoners by Iranian authorities.

Where will Idlib's civilians go when Assad strikes?

01 May, 2018

Comment: In Idlib, the Assad regime will play on the presence of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, to justify their use of massive force to target civilians, writes Sam Hamad.

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