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Lebanese president Michel Aoun makes historic visit to Iraq

21 February, 2018

Michel Aoun led a delegation to Iraq on the first visit by a Lebanese head of state to the war-scarred country for talks that included ways to eradicate terrorism.

The US and Turkey's long-term plans for northern Syria

20 February, 2018

Agendas in northern Syria appear to be converging into a single policy: Maintaining long-term foreign presences on the ground, writes Paul Iddon.

The convoluted geopolitics of the battle for Afrin

20 February, 2018

Analysis: The Kurdish-held enclave in northern Syria is coming under fire from all sides, writes Paul Iddon.

Turkey will lay siege to Afrin 'in coming days'

20 February, 2018

Turkey announced it will continue its siege of Afrin, despite Syria threatening to confront Turkish forces in the enclave, as the two powers vie for control of northern Syria.

Turkey FM, Arab League chief clash over Afrin offensive

19 February, 2018

Turkey's top diplomat and the Egyptian head of the Arab League have got into a war or words over a controversial Turkish military operation in Syria.

Turkey 'will fight Assad regime' if troops enter Afrin

19 February, 2018

The official Syrian news agency SANA said regime forces will deploy in Afrin to "bolster" local forces in confronting Turkish "aggression."

Israeli warplanes strike Gaza after new rocket attack

19 February, 2018

Palestinian security sources said several Israeli missiles were fired at farmland east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Kurds 'cut deal with Syrian regime to enter Afrin'

19 February, 2018

Kurdish officials have announced that Syrian regime forces will enter Afrin to help Kurdish militias repel Turkey's ongoing military offensive.

Syrian rebels form merger against Jihadists

19 February, 2018

Syrian rebel groups have formed an alliance in the north in order to tackle a jihadist faction formerly linked to al-Qaeda.

500,000 Syrians 'will return to Afrin': Turkey's First Lady

18 February, 2018

Emine Erdogan praised Turkey's humanitarian efforts during Operation Olive Branch, noting that Turkey will seek to return hundreds of thousands of refugees back to Syria.

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