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US government in shutdown following Senate impasse

20 January, 2018

The first anniversary of Donald Trump's presidency has seen a government shutdown, highlighting the deep divisions running through the US political system.

IMF denies pressuring Tunisia to adopt austerity measures

18 January, 2018

The International Monetary Fund says 'outdated' views about its work are leading to misplaced anger against the Fund.

A return to authoritarianism in Tunisia: (Part I)

18 January, 2018

Comment: On the anniversary of a revolution that brought hope to many, Tunisians are back on the streets. Khadija Mohsen-Finan looks back at what became of democratic transition, post-2011.

MuslimGirl blogger turns down award because of brand ambassador

18 January, 2018

The founder behind MuslimGirl turned down Revlon's award because its brand ambassador is Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress who has written in support of the IDF's offensive against Gaza.

Protests in Tunisia highlight contested narratives of 2011 revolution

16 January, 2018

In-depth: Tunisia's recent protests were triggered by tax increases, but they highlight the deep, unresolved issues that led to the 2011 revolution, writes Anna Boots.

Lebanese slam upcoming 'orientalist, trashy' Hollywood film 'Beirut'

14 January, 2018

Beirut is an upcoming fictional film set in 1982 Lebanon, a time of the country’s civil war. But the Lebanese are not happy about the Hollywood depiction.

Tunisia's protests marking revolution anniversary turn violent

14 January, 2018

Small skirmishes between protesters and police erupted in Tunis on Sunday, as a demonstration was held to mark the seventh anniversary of the country's revolution.

Tunisia announces social reforms after week of unrest

14 January, 2018

Following a week of unrest in Tunisia, authorities announced social reforms on Saturday, including improved health care and aid to the needy.

Trump denies 's********' countries remark, as world rejects president

13 January, 2018

Donald Trump has denied he described African countries and Haiti as 's********', as world voices disgust at president's alleged statements on immigration.

Africa: IS-linked group claims attacks on US, French troops

12 January, 2018

A group linked to Islamic State has claimed responsibility over attacks on French and US troops in west Africa, in the Sahel region south of the Sahara.

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