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Philippines apologises to Kuwait for 'rescuing' distressed domestic workers

25 April, 2018

The Philippines' top diplomat apologised to Kuwait after videos emerged of embassy staff helping Filipinos flee from allegedly abusive employers in the Gulf state.

Kashmir gunfight reveals extent of militant support

24 April, 2018

In-depth: A battle in Kashmir turned out markedly different to usual, reports Umar Lateef Misgar.

Muslim group blames Trump for surge in Islamophobic attacks

24 April, 2018

US President Donald Trump's policies are being blamed for the sharp rise in anti-Muslim hate crime in America.

UN peacekeepers accused of child rape in South Sudan

24 April, 2018

The United Nations is investigating allegations that two girls were raped by Nepalese peacekeeping troops in South Sudan.

French Muslims blast anti-Semitism letter as attack on Islam

24 April, 2018

French Muslims have denounced an open letter calling for certain verses of the Quran to be removed.

Tortured, disappeared, displaced: Libyans in the hands of smugglers

23 April, 2018

In-depth: Human traffickers are making fast cash on the migrant trade, yet many desperate people are willing to pay any price to escape, reports Francesca Mannocchi.

Natalie Portman snubs Israeli ceremony to 'protest Netanyahu'

21 April, 2018

Natalie Portman said she was backing out of a Jerusalem ceremony where she was to receive a $2 million prize to protest the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Muslim woman who refused handshake denied French citizenship

19 April, 2018

France's highest administrative court has upheld a decision to deny a French passport to an Algerian Muslim who refused to shake hands with officials during her citizenship ceremony.

Liverpool's Mo Salah is being exploited by Sisi's regime

19 April, 2018

Comment: The Premier League star's charitable efforts are helping fuel a propaganda campaign benefiting a corrupt president, writes Amelia Smith.

Lebanon praised for easing residency rules for school-aged Syrians

19 April, 2018

Lebanon has eased residency rules for teenage Syrian refugees to allow them access to important services such as education in a move that has been hailed by rights groups.

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