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Gloves off: Israel disarms 'Hamas military mittens'

23 October, 2017

Israeli border guards on Monday boasted of 'foiling' an attempt to smuggle gloves into the besieged Gaza Strip, claiming they were 'intended for use by the Hamas terrorist organisation'.

Rights group slams France's 'disgraceful' approach to Egypt

23 October, 2017

Human Rights Watch has accused France of "ignoring serious abuses" by the Egyptian Sisi regime and urged Macron to ensure that human rights are central to the countries' relationship.

‘Racist and illegal’ fast-track deportations target refugees in Greece

23 October, 2017

In-depth: The Greek authorities are deporting migrants on the Greek islands to Turkey in an expedited process - raising concerns over potentially illegal and prejudiced practices, reports Matt Broomfield.

Meeting pioneering war-crimes prosecutor Payam Akhavan

19 October, 2017

Q&A: The international legal expert talks to Hadani Ditmars about how paying hypocritical lip-service to human rights leads to a rise in extremism, both foreign and domestic.

Tunisia jails couple over 'naked public kiss'

19 October, 2017

Appeal case ends with reduced prison terms after widespread outrage at the 'naked' couple's earlier sentencing.

UK court rules against Saudi diplomat in slavery case

19 October, 2017

A UK court has ruled a former Saudi diplomat can be tried on allegations of trafficking and slavery of a domestic worker as he no longer had full diplomatic immunity.

Malaysian beauty advert under fire for 'promoting domestic abuse'

18 October, 2017

A Malaysian cosmetic company has come under fire for an advert that critics have said promotes domestic violence against women with dark skin and larger bodies.

Lessons from the 'female modesty' obsession

18 October, 2017

Comment: To help women change the currency of their relationships to men, we must teach them who they can be, without framing it in relation to men, writes Amal Awad.

Turkish forces in Syria are 'unrestricted,' says Erdogan

14 October, 2017

Turkish president Erdogan emphasises that Turkey has its 'own game plan' in Syria, while addressing the continued rift with Washington.

Shooting the messenger- India's war against Kashmiri journalists

13 October, 2017

Journalists in Kashmir are being unfairly targeted for doing their jobs, as the Indian state fears the bad publicity their work can bring.

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