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Qatar issues new law protecting domestic workers

23 August, 2017

Qatar has approved a law limiting domestic staff to a maximum of 10 hours work a day, the first such protection for thousands of household workers in the emirate.

Ethiopia's 'Snapchat maid' returns from Kuwait after surviving fall

23 August, 2017

Ethiopia's foreign ministry posted a video of Sadik returning to Ethiopia earlier this week, fully recovered after falling from a seventh floor window.

Iraq 'must do more' for IS sex abuse victims

22 August, 2017

Iraq must ensure that women and girls subjected to sexual violence at the hands of IS militants have access to justice and reparations, UN investigators said on Tuesday.

Muslim trolled for 'not being killed' in Barcelona attack

21 August, 2017

A British-Muslim lawyer has found himself on the end of a campaign of abuse on social media after coming within a whisker of a deadly IS attack in Barcelona.

Between the wall and a hard place

21 August, 2017

Comment: Walls built to divide communities all ultimately prove futile, writes Paul Monaghan.

Danish FM admits selling mass-surveillance technology to Saudi Arabia

21 August, 2017

Denmark's foreign minister has for the first time acknowledged that the government allowed the sale of surveillance technology to authoritarian Arab governments, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Outrage after Moroccan song promotes domestic violence

19 August, 2017

Outrage was triggered across Morocco's online community after a new song promoted the idea of physical abuse against women being a sign of love.

Interview: On the shaming of Arab feminists

16 August, 2017

Women across the Arab world are often emotionally blackmailed with the concept of breaking customs, despite the fact that they change through time, Suad Abu Dayyeh tells The New Arab.

Egyptian MP proposes lowering marital age for girls

16 August, 2017

An Egyptian MP has sparked anger after he called to lower the marital age for girls from 18 to 16, so that those in rural areas could marry legally.

Kashmir and the festering legacy of partition

15 August, 2017

Comment: Partition in 1947 saw the end of colonial rule and the birth of India and Pakistan, but had disastrous and enduring consequences for Kashmir, writes Umar Lateef Misgar.

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