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One dead after cyclone hits war-torn Yemen

20 May, 2018

Dangerous flooding has hit the southern coast of Yemen with weather agencies warning the heavy rainfall could promote the spread of cholera.

Ethiopia says Saudi Arabia to release 1,000 detained migrants

19 May, 2018

Abiy Ahmed's trip to Saudi Arabia marks his first official visit to a non-African country since becoming prime minister in April.

Can Libya ever rid itself of corruption?

17 May, 2018

Comment: The transitional vacuum after regime collapse creates opportunities for those in power to line their pockets quickly, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

Gunman kills Yemen university dean and two family members

17 May, 2018

The dean of Aden University and two members of her family, including a four-year old girl, were killed by a masked gunman in her home in Aden.

Yemen government proposes prisoner swap with Houthi rebels

17 May, 2018

Yemen's government welcomed the Muslim holy month of Ramadan by proposing a prisoner swap deal with Houthi rebels in the country's north.

Thousands flee from Saudi-backed offensive in Yemen's Hodeidah

17 May, 2018

According to the United Nations, clashes along Yemen's western coast have displaced around 100,000 people in recent months, most of them from Hodeidah Governorate.

Trudeau and Macron grant MbS a licence to kill

16 May, 2018

Comment: The two leaders have cast themselves as advocates of human rights, but when it comes to arms deals, their neoliberal values reign supreme, writes Mat Nashed.

Lebanon's former mufti calls for 'jihad' against Israel

16 May, 2018

Lebanon's former mufti added that it is not permissible in Islamic law for Arab and Muslim states to normalise relations with Israel.

Britain's role in Yemen: Radical change must happen now

14 May, 2018

Comment: Through weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UK arms dealers continue to profit handsomely from the tragedy in Yemen, writes Joe Odell.

Socotra island dispute with UAE 'over', says Yemeni PM

14 May, 2018

The dispute began after the UAE deployed troops to Socotra island without the approval of Yemen's internationally recognised government.

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