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EU condemns UAE for 'destabilising' Somalia over Qatar crisis

05 July, 2018

The European Parliament on Wednesday slammed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for taking retaliatory actions against Somalia for the country's neutral position on the ongoing blockade of Qatar.

Saudi police arrest Qatar pilgrim on 'terror charges'

05 July, 2018

Saudi authorities have arrested a Qatari man as he performed pilgrimage to Islam's holiest site amid a year-old diplomatic spat between Doha and its Gulf neighbours.

UN envoy holds 'fruitful' talks with Yemen Houthi chief

04 July, 2018

Martin Griffiths' shuttle diplomacy in Yemen seeks to avert all-out fighting in the key port city of Hodeida.

France arms sales to Middle East double, fueling conflict

04 July, 2018

Macron has faced pressure to scale back weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and its allies conducting a bloody war in Yemen.

Saudi teenage driver arrested for impersonating a woman

01 July, 2018

Many believed the motive of the teenager was to defame women drivers in the kingdom.

UAE 'pauses' Hodeida offensive to allow UN peace efforts

01 July, 2018

A UAE- backed offensive on Yemen's port city has been put on pause to allow UN diplomatic efforts to take shape, Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said.

Qatar invests half billion dollars in Sudan agriculture

30 June, 2018

Qatar has announced plans to invest $500 million into Sudan's agricultural and food sectors over the next three years, state-run news agency QNA reported on Thursday.

Libya's Haftar announces 'liberation' of Derna

29 June, 2018

The military strongman announced the capture of Derna, the only part of eastern Libya which was outside his forces' control.

Hadi: Houthis must fully withdraw from Hodeida

28 June, 2018

President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi has demanded that Houthi rebels withdraw from the key port city, amid reports that the rebels have agreed to cede the port to the UN.

UN slammed for exonerating coalition of Yemen child deaths

28 June, 2018

A UN report received harsh criticism from Save the Children for seeming to absolve the Saudi-led military coalition of responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of Yemeni children.

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