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Qatar blames Saudi-led boc for 'dissolution' of GCC

09 November, 2017

Qatar's foreign minister has warned a boycott of Doha by a Saudi-led bloc of Arab states could lead to the breakup of the GCC.

Famed Louvre name arrives in Abu Dhabi

08 November, 2017

Ten years since France and the UAE agreed a deal for rights to the Louvre brand, VIPs on Wednesday celebrated the inauguration of the "global cultural monument" in Abu Dhabi.

Raped in UAE cell, victim turns to Scotland Yard

08 November, 2017

Comment: Former Leeds FC Managing Director David Haigh has turned to Scotland Yard's war crimes unit to bring his torturers to justice.

Yemeni President Hadi 'under house arrest' in Riyadh

07 November, 2017

Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi along with his sons, ministers and military officials have all reportedly been barred from returning home for months.

Qatar invests $660m into Cathay Pacific amid ongoing blockade

06 November, 2017

Qatar revealed it bought a stake in Cathay Pacific on Monday, in a deal reportedly worth $662 million, despite an ongoing land, air and sea blockade on the Gulf emirate.

Bahrain revisits Qatar border dispute amid ongoing blockade

05 November, 2017

Bahrain has claimed the right to take Qatari territory as tensions between the two countries escalate amid a months-long blockade of Doha.

US approves $1 billion Qatar arms deal amid blockade

02 November, 2017

The United States on Wednesday approved a $1.1 billion deal to service Qatar's F-15 fighter jets amid an ongoing blockade of the country by a Saudi-led coalition.

Bahrain imposes visas on Qatar visitors

01 November, 2017

Bahrain's King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa ordered the new rules and urged authorities to strengthen security measures in the tiny Gulf kingdom.

Kushner made 'secret' Riyadh visit to discuss Israel-Palestinian conflict

30 October, 2017

An official at the White House revealed that Jared Kushner made a secret four-day visit to Saudi Arabia before travelling to Israel last week.

Qatar's dignity, sovereignty are non-negotiable: Sheikh Tamim

30 October, 2017

Nearly six months into the blockade, Qatar's Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani remains defiant yet open to dialogue with the blockading Gulf states.

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