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Arab League to meet on Iran at Saudi request

12 November, 2017

The Arab League will hold an extraordinary meeting next Sunday at the request of Saudi Arabia to discuss "violations" committed by Iran in the region, according to a memorandum.

Qatar investigates alleged currency plot

12 November, 2017

A government spokesman said Qatar is investigating an alleged attempt to manipulate its currency during the early weeks of a Gulf political crisis.

Saudi-led blockade made Qatar stronger, says former official

12 November, 2017

Qatar's former deputy prime minister has said a Saudi-led blockade against Doha has strengthened the gas-rich Gulf emirate.

Saudi-led strikes hit defence ministry in Yemen capital

11 November, 2017

The Saudi-led coalition carried out air strikes on the defence ministry in Yemen's rebel-held capital Sanaa late Friday, witnesses and rebel media said, leaving at least three civilians wounded.

Macron meets Saudi crown prince amid rising regional tensions

10 November, 2017

French premier Emmanuel Macron meets face to face with Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince on his first trip to the Middle East.

UAE hires Bannon-affiliated company to spread anti-Qatar ads

09 November, 2017

In-depth: SCL Social, a media company linked to former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, has been paid handsomely by the UAE to peddle anti-Qatar ads on social media.

Lebanon FM demands return of Hariri from Saudi Arabia

09 November, 2017

Lebanon's Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Saad Hariri's own party are demanding the return of their prime minister from Saudi Arabia, amid rumours of his detention following his shock resignation.

Saudi Arabia calls on its citizens to leave Lebanon

09 November, 2017

Saudi Arabia is urging its citizens to leave Lebanon "as soon as possible" and also calling on them not to travel to Lebanon.

The Yemeni governor caught up in AQAP financing scandal

09 November, 2017

In-depth: While the evidence behind the allegations remains classified, few dispute that Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula spread throughout al-Bayda during Nayif Salih Salim al-Qaysi's tumultuous tenure, reports Austin Bodetti.

Macron warns looming defeat of IS 'not the end'

09 November, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that the Islamic State group faced complete military defeat in Iraq and Syria within months.

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