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Iran, Turkey sign deal with Qatar to ease blockade

26 November, 2017

Iran and Turkey have signed a deal with Qatar to ease the movement of goods between the three countries after almost six months of a Saudi-led blockade on Doha.

Qatari GCC staff barred from entering Saudi Arabia

26 November, 2017

Three Qatari nationals who work for the Riyadh-based Gulf Cooperation Council were refused entry into Saudi Arabia by border officers on Saturday.

'Bomb Al Jazeera,' says Dubai's head of security

25 November, 2017

“The alliance must bomb the machine for terrorism… the channel of IS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra front, Al Jazeera the terrorists,” Dhahi Khalfan tweeted.

WTO to hear Qatar's complaint over economic blockade

23 November, 2017

Qatar took the final step on Wednesday to start litigation at the World Trade Organization against the UAE over an economic blockade imposed on the Gulf state.

Saudi coalition blacklists Islamist groups, individuals in Qatar boycott

23 November, 2017

A Saudi-led coalition blockading Qatar added 11 more individuals and two other entities including a prominent group of Islamic scholars to their "terrorist" blacklists of the Gulf state.

UAE, Egypt must reveal whereabouts of missing prisoner: HRW

21 November, 2017

An Egyptian detainee held in the UAE due to be released last month after serving his three year sentence is now missing after being deported to Egypt

Anti-Doha alliance 'planned Qatar invasion' in 2014

20 November, 2017

An anti-Doha Gulf alliance deployed troops along Qatar's border in 2014 in preparation for a military invasion of the Gulf state, a senior Qatari official has claimed.

Aggrieved Palestinian families in Gaza reconcile

17 November, 2017

The clashes that broke out between Hamas and Fatah members in 2007 left over 500 Palestinians dead. Last week's reconciliation might offer aggrieved families some peace, writes Rami Almeghari.

UK courting UAE despite human rights alarm

14 November, 2017

Comment: For the UK, cultural ties, such as the British Council-UAE collaboration act as a lubricant to facilitate the easy flow of capital, writes Tom Charles.

Saudi Arabia walks back escalation as dramatic moves backfire

14 November, 2017

Saudi Arabia’s dramatic moves to counter Iran in the region appear to have backfired, significantly ratcheting up regional tensions and setting off a spiral of reactions and anger.

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