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Saudi wealth fund diversifies into robotics and US infrastructure

23 May, 2017

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) made two multi-billion dollar investments in the past week, signalling a move towards diversification.

Pomp and pageantry: This week in Middle East football

23 May, 2017

Football and politics collided this weekend, when Donald Trump brought a New York football team with him to Riyadh to compete against Saudi's finest.

Saudi Arabia counting down the seconds until Trump arrives

17 May, 2017

Saudi Arabia is literally counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Donald Trump lands in the kingdom for his first overseas trip as US president this weekend.

Has the UAE colonised Yemen's Socotra island paradise?

17 May, 2017

In-depth: A near-forgotten island in the Indian Ocean, Socotra was outshadowed by the conflict raging in Yemen, allowing the UAE to turn it into a military outpost and tourist hotspot.

UAE human traffickers arrests 'doubled' last year

17 May, 2017

The UAE has said it is clamping down on human trafficking in the Gulf state with a spate of arrests last year against people and drug smugglers.

Gulf states 'offer Israel normalised ties for peace concessions'

16 May, 2017

Gulf States reportedly have made an unprecedented offer to normalise ties with Israel, proposing a series of economic and political gestures in return for concessions in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

UAE confirms military activities on Yemen's Socotra island

16 May, 2017

The United Arab Emirates said it has sent military recruits to train in battle skills, weapons training and first aid on Yemen's Socotra island on Monday.

#Wannacry: Ransomware attack wave could come to Middle East

15 May, 2017

Companies and government agencies across MENA are on high alert as a virus that takes over vulnerable computers spreads worldwide.

Sharjah street cleaner's act of kindness goes viral: video

12 May, 2017

A video appeared earlier this week on Instagram showing a street cleaner in the emirate helping an elderly woman cross the road drawing praise from social media users.

Yemen's 'third government' emerges in southern Yemen

11 May, 2017

While the Houthi rebels maintain control of Sanaa, and President Hadi conducts operations from Riyadh, Aidarous al-Zubaidi, an ousted official, has set up yet another rival administration in Aden.

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