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Former Libya PM kidnapped in Tripoli: family

22 August, 2017

Libya's former prime minister Ali Zeidan has been kidnapped by an armed group and not been heard from in nine days, friends and family said.

'Sadr's Gulf visit indicates Iran's weakening grasp on Baghdad'

22 August, 2017

Muqtada al-Sadr's visit to the Gulf region last month indicates a change in Iraq's relations with its neighbours, analysts suggest.

Qatar unveils plans for stunning World Cup stadium

21 August, 2017

Qatar World Cup organisers have presented stunning new plans for the 40,000 seater al-Thumama Stadium, drawing inspiration from the traditional 'gahfiya' cap commonly worn in the Gulf.

Qatar denies blocking Saudi Hajj pilgrimage flights

21 August, 2017

Qatar on Monday denied it had banned flights from Saudi Arabia landing in the emirate to transport Muslim pilgrims to Mecca, after an accusation by authorities in Riyadh.

Did Saudi Arabia threaten to shoot down Qatari airliners?

19 August, 2017

A Saudi video simulating Saudi warplanes shooting down Qatari civilian airplanes is causing international uproar.

UAE 'pumps millions' into Gaza in boost to Dahlan

19 August, 2017

The UAE will provide $15 million per month to the Gaza Strip in the latest show of support for its ally Mohammad Dahlan.

UAE's Washington ambassador Otaiba: Saudi leaders are crazy

19 August, 2017

The United Arab Emirates' ambassador to Washington has mocked Saudi Arabia as "f***in coo coo!" in the latest series of emails to be leaked from the controversial diplomat.

Behind the glossy veneer: Human rights abuses in UAE

18 August, 2017

Comment: When Khaled got his dream job in UAE, he wasn't expecting torture and arbitrary detention. UAE must be held to account over its human rights abuses, writes Joe Odell.

Cash crisis exposes Yemeni rift with UAE

17 August, 2017

Yemen's Central Bank says the Saudi-led coalition is 'strangling' the economy by preventing planes from flying in newly-minted cash, reflecting a rift between the government and the United Arab

To resolve the GCC crisis, keep Trump away

17 August, 2017

Comment: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson must insist on his independence in addressing the stalemate in the Gulf crisis, writes Imad K. Harb.

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