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Arab refugees receive a cold welcome in Romania

22 September, 2017

In-depth: Romania is far from experiencing a “migration crisis” on the Black Sea, experts say, while aid workers and refugees say the country needs better integration policies.

Rohingya refugee camps on brink of a 'health disaster'

22 September, 2017

Bangladesh's refugee camps are on the brink of a "public health disaster," Doctors Without Borders has warned, saying filthy water and faeces flow through shanties sheltering Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.

India's Rohingya refugees living in fear and squalor

12 September, 2017

In-depth: We've been to New Delhi's refugee camps for Rohingya Muslims. This is what we saw.

Refugee arrivals in Greece 'accelerated' in August: UN

08 September, 2017

The number of migrants arriving in Greece picked up pace in August, the UN refugee agency said on Friday, warning that the increase was straining conditions in overcrowded island camps.

Rohingya refugees in India fear 'illegal' deportation to Myanmar

07 September, 2017

Indian lawmakers say they want to deport all unregistered migrants, but Rohingya refugees fear death if they are returned to Myanmar.

#Voice4Alan: UNHCR launches campaign to mark Alan Kurdi's death

07 September, 2017

To mark the 3-year-old’s death anniversary, UNHCR launches "Remember the Name. Remember the Day." campaign to draw attention to continued struggle of refugees which are children.

Myanmar's ethnic cleansers: Hitting them where it hurts

05 September, 2017

In-depth: Could targeted sanctions against the perpetrators of alleged ethnic cleansing in Myanmar help put an end to the carnage?

Aid suspended as Myanmar state sinks deeper into violence

03 September, 2017

The World Food Programme has suspended aid to Myanmar's war-ravaged Rakhine state where tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are among the displaced or dead as violence continues.

Iraqi forces zero in on Tal Afar's IS-held citadel

25 August, 2017

Iraqi forces and pro-government paramilitary units said their sights are on the Tal Afar's citadel, after recapturing several districts from the Islamic State group.

Jordan opens first job centre inside Syrian refugee camp

23 August, 2017

Aid groups have opened an employment centre in a sprawling refugee camp in Jordan to provide more work permits for Syrians who have fled civil war.

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