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South Sudan starves as aid agencies fail to deliver

25 July, 2017

Only 30% of the annual target has been reached so far, more than half-way through the year, a UN official in Khartoum has warned.

20 Yemeni civilians killed in 'Saudi-led coalition' airstrike

19 July, 2017

At least 20 displaced civilians were killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in the southwestern province of Taiz, the UN and witnesses said.

Algeria's anti-immigrant hysteria is hiding government failings

13 July, 2017

Comment: Control of the situation lies in legalising the presence of sub-Saharan migrants in Algeria, writes Yasmina Allouche.

Qatar Olympic Committee to back international refugee aid efforts

11 July, 2017

Qatar's Olympic Committee will donate to support international efforts aiming to provide global assistance to the refugee crisis.

Iraqi PM declares victory over Islamic State in Mosul​

11 July, 2017

Iraq's prime minister declared victory over the Islamic State group after security forces ended the militants' rule in the city of Mosul.

Iraq forces clear last IS pockets in 'liberated Mosul'

10 July, 2017

Iraqi forces fought to eliminate the last pockets of Islamic State group resistance in Mosul on Monday after PM Abadi visited the devastated city to congratulate troops on securing victory.

Syrian refugees wait amid fatigue and tension in Lebanon

07 July, 2017

Lebanon’s Syrian refugees are stuck in dire living conditions, waiting for an end to the war as the protracted crisis builds pressure on the hosting community, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Fire destroys Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, killing one

03 July, 2017

One person has been killed and two seriously injured after a fire tore through a camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

SDF launch attack on IS in Syria's Raqqa: monitor

01 July, 2017

The Syrian Democratic Forces launched a renewed offensive on the Islamic State group in Syria's Raqqa on Friday night, after the militants unleashed the "most intense attack yet".

Half a million displaced Syrians return home in 2017

01 July, 2017

'Significant trend' noted as hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians return home amid a drop in the overall level of violence in their home country.

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