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Indonesia: Refugees abandoned by Australia in squalid detention centres

22 November, 2017

In-depth: The New Arab has spoken with long-term inmates in Indonesia's infamous detention centres, trapped in squalid conditions with no hope of escape.

France to take in refugees rescued from Libya

20 November, 2017

France will be the first country to welcome African refugees evacuated from Libya to Niger by the UN refugee agency, French officials announced Monday.

Rohingya refugees in India-ruled Kashmir fear deportation to Myanmar

20 November, 2017

In-depth: Rohingya refugees in Kashmir fear deportation to the very persecution they fled from in the first place, writes Aamir Ali Bhat.

More than 250 migrants rescued off Spain's coast

18 November, 2017

Spanish authorities said over 250 migrants making the dangerous crossing to Europe were rescued off the coast of Spain on Friday, with several other vessels still in need of rescue.

People just keep coming

17 November, 2017

Comment: Members of the Rohingya ethnic group who have already fled to Bangladesh are refugees, and should be recognised as such, writes paediatrician John Kahler.

Jordan opens world's largest solar plant in refugee camp

14 November, 2017

Jordan inaugurated the largest solar plant in the world on Monday to improve the lives of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in the Zaatari refugee camp.

UN begins evacuating refugees from Libya to Niger

12 November, 2017

The UN refugee agency said the evacuation of 25 "extremely vulnerable refugees" from Libya on Saturday marked the first of its kind.

Jihad Abdo: the Syrian movie-star who delivered pizza

25 October, 2017

Society: Jihad ('Jay') Abdo was once a prominent actor in the Arab world before he fled to America for a life of poverty - and a fledgling Hollywood career.

Refugees 'live in squalor' in Greece as arrivals surge

19 October, 2017

Nearly two years since more than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe thousands are still living in squalor after risking their lives crossing the Aegean Sea.

Remembering Yemen's deadly funeral hall bombing

06 October, 2017

Comment: No action whatsoever was taken to hold those responsible for the funeral hall 'double-tap' airstrike accountable, writes Afrah Nasser.

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