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This Refugee Week, we need to celebrate the refugees

22 June, 2017

Nearly two thousand died this year alone while trying to cross the Mediterranean. It is time to recognise what drives refugees to the sea, and celebrate them, writes Munu

UN says aid workers readying for Mosul exodus

21 June, 2017

Aid workers in Iraq are preparing for a massive exodus of civilians from Mosul’s Old City as Iraqi forces battle to retake the last district held by the Islamic State.

Mistreatment of refugees has a long history in Europe

21 June, 2017

Society: As World Refugee Day passes yet again with no change in the condition of most refugees, it's time to remind ourselves of the horrors unfolding right on our doorstep.

Record 65.6 million displaced in 2016: UN

20 June, 2017

The UNHCR chief called for 'solidarity' and common purpose' in tackling 'unacceptable number' of people being displaced by war and persecution, as the world marks annual refugee day.

Netanyahu begs UN to dismantle its Palestinian aid agency

11 June, 2017

Netanyahu claimed the agency's very existence "perpetuates and does not solve the Palestinian refugee problem."

Algeria takes in stranded refugees as 'Ramadan gesture'

03 June, 2017

The New Arab reported that among the trapped refugees was a pregnant woman who had given birth to her daughter in a climate above 40 degrees Celsius.

UN launches $75 million appeal for Libya aid

31 May, 2017

The UN's High Commissioner for Refugees said a new appeal for $75.5 million in aid for Libya aims to provide essential services for migrants and asylum-seekers.

UN urges Morocco and Algeria to held stranded Syrians

31 May, 2017

The United Nations' refugee agency has urged North African neighbours to provide safe passage to dozens of Syrians who are stranded in a border zone between Algeria and Morocco.

Refugees still braving the soul-crushing 'Balkans route'

30 May, 2017

Analysis: Refugees escaping Syria, Iraq and Libya are being forced to choose between risking the graveyard of the Mediterranean, or indefinite internment in eastern Europe, writes Tajana Tadić.

Reading app launched in Lebanon to reach out-of-school Syrians

26 May, 2017

Beirut-based software producers Wixel Studios have launched an Arabic-language smartphone application to help educate Syrian refugee children currently out of school.

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