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Tunisia’s first local election faces abstention fears

04 May, 2018

In-depth: Millions of Tunisians will vote for city councillors in 350 municipalities this weekend, but there are fears of a large abstention rate over previous unfulfilled promises, writes Massinissa Benlakehal.

Pilgrims gather in Tunisia to celebrate Jewish festival

02 May, 2018

The number of Jews in Tunisia has fallen significantly, from around 100,000 before independence from France in 1956 to an estimated 1,500 today.

Astronomy: The outer frontier of Saudi liberalisation

02 May, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's hardline religious conservatives have traditionally thwarted the quest for knowledge in astronomy because it threatens their long-standing status, writes James M. Dorsey.

Tunisia announces arrest over 2016 assassination of Hamas operative

02 May, 2018

Mohamed Zaouari, 49, was killed in a hail of bullets at the wheel of his car outside his house in Tunisia's second city Sfax in December 2016.

Tunisia takes next step towards democracy

01 May, 2018

Analysis: Tunisia takes the next step towards democracy with decision-making devolved to local councils. While little may change day-to-day, municipal elections are the legacy of the revolution

In first for Tunisia, security personnel head to polls

29 April, 2018

Police and soldiers have been permitted to vote for the first time in Tunisia, as the country holds its first post-revolution municipal elections.

Tunisia Islamist party endorses Jewish election candidate

28 April, 2018

Tunisia's Ennahda party is set to field Jewish candidate Simon Slama in the country's first municipal elections since Ben Ali's overthrow in 2011.

Tunisian women hit campaign trail as equals to men

27 April, 2018

Hundreds of Tunisian women are heading party lists in 6 May municipal polls in the country, with female candidates on an equal footing with men thanks to a new law.

Algeria expects influx of migrants after EU crackdown

26 April, 2018

More migrants and refugees from sub-Saharan Africa are expected to arrive in Algeria following the European Union's decision to close its doors, authorities warned.

Tears and trophies: This week in Middle East football

25 April, 2018

Football clubs in the Middle East are winding down after a grueling 2017-18 campaign, with some surprise teams among the familiar names lifting regional league trophies.

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