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World Cup qualifying: This week in Middle East football

11 October, 2017

Blog: Expectation, hope, drama, tears, disappointment and joy - all part of this week's spectacular World Cup week for Arab national teams, writes Uri Levy.

Egypt bans prominent human rights activist from receiving award

10 October, 2017

Egyptian activist Mohammed Zaree said he hopes the award will him and other members of the country's vulnerable human rights community some protection, with nearly all of campaigners facing prosecution

One-year sentence for Bahraini man who battered Syrian ex-wife

05 October, 2017

A man has been jailed for one year after shocking footage was released of brutal injuries he had caused to his ex-wife.

Violence against women is harming Arab economies, says UN

05 October, 2017

In a bid to promote policy reform in Arab states, the United Nations is highlighting the huge economic cost of gender-based violence.

Can democracy flourish even as political parties decline?

04 October, 2017

Comment: For democracy to appeal to those who do not live under it, and retain the commitment of those who do, it has to work properly, writes Robert Springborg.

Libya rivals made progress in Tunis talks: UN

01 October, 2017

Libya's warring factions have made progress on amending a deal on a political transition for the North African country, the special UN envoy said on Sunday.

Arabs leading Africa: This week in Middle Eastern football

28 September, 2017

Blog: All four teams in the continent's top club competition are from north African nations, writes Uri Levy.

Social media feeds Middle East's appetite for news

26 September, 2017

Analysis: Online apps are trusted by young Arabs, note Everette E Dennis and Robb Wood.

Conventional media alive and well in the Middle East

26 September, 2017

Digital news consumption and internet penetration has increased across the region, with two-thirds of Arabs saying they trust mass media rather than social media to report news fairly and accurately.

Despite positive reforms in Tunisia, more democratic changes needed

22 September, 2017

Comment: While Tunisia is lauded for its progress on human rights laws there is a desire for greater democratic reforms in the "model Arab nation", writes Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

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