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Tension, protests mark Tunisia’s seventh revolutionary anniversary

22 December, 2017

Police used teargas to dispel crowds in Sidi Bouzid as protests over unchanging rates of unemployment and other economic problems grew violent.

Banking on success: This week in Middle East football

22 December, 2017

Egyptian banks have announced new loans and services for fans to help boost support for the national team during next year's World Cup in Russia.

The dilemmas of organ donation in Muslim countries

20 December, 2017

Interview: Professor Aziz El-Matri, a Tunisian kidney specialist and member of The Transplantation Society discusses organ donation in the Islamic tradition with Aziz El-Matri.

Goodbye net neutrality: Consequences for the Arab world

19 December, 2017

Comment: The FCC's decision to favour business interests over users only legitimises the actions of Arab governments in doing the same, writes Wafa Ben-Hassine.

Tunisian LGBT radio station launches amid threats of violence

19 December, 2017

An LGBT radio station which is believed to be the first of its kind launched in Tunisia on Monday, despite thousands of threats against its founders.

New delay in Tunisia's first post-revolution municipal elections

17 December, 2017

Tunisia has set a new date next May for the long delayed first post-revolution municipal elections, polling officials said on Saturday.

Tunisia lawmakers move to outlaw 'normalisation' with Israel

10 December, 2017

A Tunisian lawmaker has announced efforts to pass a long-shelved law banning 'normalising' relations with Israel after Washington's controversial decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Arab nations 'disappointed' after appearing on tax havens blacklist

07 December, 2017

The United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Bahrain showed up on a EU list of 17 tax havens around the world this week.

Refugees face Libyan slave markets under proposed European law

07 December, 2017

Comment: New EU Commission reforms could see refugees returned to 'safe' countries that are anything but safe in reality, writes Matt Broomfield.

Women in rural Tunisia mix hot sauce with business

06 December, 2017

Tunisian women earn a living by producing, selling and even exporting Harissa, the spicy hot pepper paste notorious in the North African Maghreb region.

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