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Migrant ship stranded at sea as Italy ports closed

03 August, 2018

A Spanish NGO ship which rescued 87 migrants off the coast of Libya two days ago was still looking Friday to dock at a port, with Italy closed to them

Erbil's Christians decry 'discriminatory and exploitative' Kurdish business regulation

02 August, 2018

Assyrian businesses in Iraqi Kurdistan are facing 'discriminatory' taxes, with community leaders denouncing a history of 'anti-Christian policies' in the tribal region, reports Adam Lucente.

Tunisia allows boat with 40 migrants to dock

29 July, 2018

Tunisia on Saturday said it would take in 40 migrants, including two pregnant women, rescued by a commercial vessel.

Libya prime minister refuses EU plan for refugee centres

20 July, 2018

Libya's Fayez al-Sarraj has refused a plan to set up asylum processing centres in his country, and says he will not be swayed by financial incentives.

Marginalisation drives Tunisians to migrant boats

19 July, 2018

In-depth: A worsening economy and frustration among civilians drives more Tunisians from the marginalised interior towards irregular migration, writes Alessandra Bajec.

America's got 99 problems...

19 July, 2018

Comment: America's spiralling descent towards fascism and dictatorship is almost entirely of its own making, writes Khaled Diab.

Arab views of US low, support for Palestinians high

18 July, 2018

Comment: Washington continues to be seen as a threat, writes Derek Davison.

Tunisia passes illegal enrichment law to fight endemic corruption

18 July, 2018

The legislation will force the president, ministers, senior public sector officials, banks, judges, security forces, journalists and unions to declare their property.

Pressure piles on Tunisian prime minister amid economic crisis

16 July, 2018

Tunisia's president has called on hiws premier to resign,following months of clashes over reforms and economic policy.

Germany deports 'Osama bin Laden's bodyguard' to Tunisia

13 July, 2018

The Tunisian man was deported on Friday, more than a decade after his asylum bid was first rejected.

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