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Military forces in Libya are flexing muscles: UN envoy

18 January, 2018

UN envoy for Libya Ghassan Salame said Libya needs a government that can deliver desperately needed public services and unify the country’s institutions.

Tunisia's first LGBT 'queer film festival' gets underway

17 January, 2018

The Mawjoudin film festival kicked off in Tunisia on Monday to show films exploring themes of 'sexuality, identity and gender affiliation'.

Protests in Tunisia highlight contested narratives of 2011 revolution

16 January, 2018

In-depth: Tunisia's recent protests were triggered by tax increases, but they highlight the deep, unresolved issues that led to the 2011 revolution, writes Anna Boots.

Turkey suffers 'dramatic decline' in freedoms after coup: watchdog

16 January, 2018

Turkey has been declared "not free" according to a new report by democracy watchdog Freedom House, which put its dramatic decline down to the post-coup crackdown on opposition and activists.

Tunisia's protests marking revolution anniversary turn violent

14 January, 2018

Small skirmishes between protesters and police erupted in Tunis on Sunday, as a demonstration was held to mark the seventh anniversary of the country's revolution.

Tunisia announces social reforms after week of unrest

14 January, 2018

Following a week of unrest in Tunisia, authorities announced social reforms on Saturday, including improved health care and aid to the needy.

Tunisia government to support poorer families following deadly unrest

13 January, 2018

Following angry protests in Tunisia against inflation and rising taxes, Tunis said it will offer more support to lower-income families in the North African state.

Tunisians refuse to back down as protests continue

12 January, 2018

Hundreds of young people rallied in Tunis following a call from the 'What Are We Waiting For?' campaign for a major protest against measures imposed at start of the year.

Protests continue to rock Tunisia for a third night

11 January, 2018

Protests continue to rock Tunisia for the third night despite growing fears of a security crackdown as the prime minister promises the state will remain "steadfast"

Synagogue firebombed amid arrests, injuries in fresh Tunisia unrest

10 January, 2018

A historic synagogue and Jewish school have been attacked as Tunisian police tackle ongoing protests elsewhere in the country

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