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Saudi Arabia: Targeting scholars from Malaysia to Tunisia

28 November, 2017

Comment: Saudi Arabia's decision to ban the Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars has sparked political controversy in Malaysia, Tunisia and beyond, writes James M. Dorsey.

Arab economies look set to stay in the doldrums

23 November, 2017

Analysis: While European economies appear to have weathered the storm, dark forecasts for the Arab world persist, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

Tunisia PM continues painful tax reforms and job cuts

22 November, 2017

Tunisia's Prime Minister Youssef Chahed has pushed through tax raises and job cuts in a bid to cut the country's deficit, despite opposition from unions and business leaders.

Arab fashion world devastated at loss of French-Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaia

18 November, 2017

French-Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaia has died aged 77, leading to deep sadness in the Arab world at the loss of a fashion legend.

Family of assassinated Tunisian Hamas member demands 'justice'

18 November, 2017

The family of slain Tunisian drone expert and member of Hamas movement Mohamed Zouari call on authorities to release details of the investigation into his assassination.

More than 250 migrants rescued off Spain's coast

18 November, 2017

Spanish authorities said over 250 migrants making the dangerous crossing to Europe were rescued off the coast of Spain on Friday, with several other vessels still in need of rescue.

Choufthounna: The feminist art festival in Tunisia

16 November, 2017

The New Arab went to a feminist art festival in Tunisia, with performances, classes and demonstations from all over the world,

Russia 2018: The most Arab World Cup ever?

15 November, 2017

With five nations from across the Middle East confirmed for the 2018 World Cup,

This Kuwaiti man tried 'selling' his wife for $650

14 November, 2017

In a shocking case reported to Kuwaiti authorities, a man appears to have tried selling his wife to his friend for 200 KD

IS corpses in Libya await fate in Misrata containers

14 November, 2017

Around 700 bodies have been housed at the improvised morgue ever since IS militants were expelled in December 2016 from the coastal city of Sirte.

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