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Germany considers joining US-led strikes on Syria

10 September, 2018

The move would also signal a U-turn for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has previously said Germany would not take part in 'military missions' in Syria.

Starvation could kill 600,000 children in war zones: charity

10 September, 2018

Using starvation as a weapon of war has become a 'new normal' in conflict, says Save the Children, with more hundreds of thousands of children likely to die this year.

US warns Syrian regime chemical attack is being planned

10 September, 2018

A new Syrian regime chemical attack in being planned, according to the US.

Token Israeli funding for anti-Iran fighters in Syria withdrawn

09 September, 2018

Israel had paid anti-Iran fighters $75 a month, but had not supported rebel groups in their fight against Bashar al-Assad.

Golan Heights to remain Israeli 'forever', US ambassador says

09 September, 2018

Netanyahu raised the issue of recognising Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights in his first White House meeting with US President Donald Trump in February 2017.

Regime, Russian strikes bombard Syria's Idlib, destroying hospital

09 September, 2018

Air strikes and barrel bombs have knocked out two hospitals in two days, and at least ten civilians have been killed.

YouTube terminates channels run by Syria regime

09 September, 2018

YouTube has terminated accounts of news agencies and media outlets run by the Syrian regime, days after a report exposed the channels were generating ad revenue.

Hariri suspects absent as Lebanon tribunal nears climax

09 September, 2018

Thirteen years after billionaire Hariri was killed by a huge suicide bomb in Beirut, a court in The Hague will hear closing prosecution and defence arguments in the long-running case.

Four killed as 'violent' air raids pound Syria's Idlib

08 September, 2018

Russian air strikes and regime barrel bombs hit the rebel-held enclave in the space of three hours.

Party cups as gas masks: Idlib civilians prepare

07 September, 2018

Around three million people live in the rebel stronghold in northwest Syria, report Khalil Ashawi and Lisa Barrington.

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