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Another Middle East-heavy UNGA: Five issues to watch

24 September, 2018

What to expect this week from the UN podium and the from the private side meetings - where the real deals are always made.

Furious with Israel, Russia gives Assad advanced anti-aircraft system

24 September, 2018

The announcement follows the downing of a Russian plane in Syria that Moscow has placed sole blame on Israel.

Over 3,300 Syrian civilians killed in US-led airstrikes: report

23 September, 2018

Washington puts the toll at just over 1,000, but rights groups say the artificially low number of deaths is due to poor reporting procedures.

Russia puts sole blame on Israel for downing warplane

23 September, 2018

Fifteen people died earlier this week when Syrian regime forces mistook a Russian warplane for an Israeli jet and shot it down.

Rebel group cautiously accepts Moscow-Ankara Idlib deal

23 September, 2018

The National Liberation Front said they accepted the deal as other rebel factions objected or have not commented on the terms.

Syrian child drowns on Lebanon coast after boat capsizes

22 September, 2018

A child has drowned after a boat carrying 39 migrants heading for Europe capsized off the northern Lebanese coast.

Gunmen open fire on Iran army parade, killing several

22 September, 2018

Two gunmen opened fire at a military parade in Khuzestan on the anniversary of the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, killing at least eight Revolutionary Guard fighters.

Death toll from Iran parade attack rises to 24

22 September, 2018

Twenty-four people were killed and 53 wounded by militants who opened fire on a military parade in southwestern Iran on Saturday, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Russian jet downing 'won't stop' Israel's Syria bombing runs

21 September, 2018

An Israeli official said Israeli-Russian coordination in Syria remains unchanged despite the deadly downing of a Russian plane.

Netanyahu threatens Hizballah after missile claim

20 September, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took shot at Hizballah on Thursday amid delicate diplomatic dealings with Russia.

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