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Suicide of Egyptian mother with HIV highlights health crisis

17 December, 2017

The tragic death of a young mother with HIV brings to light the woefully inadequate response and crushing societal stigma of the alarming HIV/AIDS epidemic in Egypt.

How IS became a military threat in Iraq, Syria

16 December, 2017

In-depth: While the Islamic State group’s reign of terror in Iraq and Syria is virtually over, multiple reports throughout its existence show irresponsible arms transfers, reports Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

ICC: Failure to arrest Sudanese president undermines global justice

13 December, 2017

The ICC's prosecutor says failure to detain Bashir undermines the court, yet the tribunal refuses to issue arrest warrants for other leaders accused of war crimes including Netanyahu and Assad.

South Sudan clashes leave more than 170 dead: lawmaker

13 December, 2017

Fighting between rival cattle herders in central South Sudan left more than 170 dead in the past week alone, a lawmaker said on Tuesday.

Sudanese women arrested 'for wearing trousers' released

11 December, 2017

Sudanese morality police raided a gathering in the capital Khartoum last week and arrested 24 women for wearing trousers.

Millions in South Sudan 'one step away from famine'

08 December, 2017

Almost two thirds of the remaining population in South Sudan are in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Islamic State is gone, but the tobacco industry remains

08 December, 2017

Comment: The tobacco industry's hold over Arab smokers may finally be cracking, writes Faisal Abualhassan.

Refugees face Libyan slave markets under proposed European law

07 December, 2017

Comment: New EU Commission reforms could see refugees returned to 'safe' countries that are anything but safe in reality, writes Matt Broomfield.

UN voices alarm as HIV up 40% in Egypt

04 December, 2017

Social stigma, coupled with lack of funding is hindering efforts to tackle HIV in Egypt leading to a 40% spike in the epidemic the UN agency warns

Sudan militia chief arrest 'dangerous moment' for troubled Darfur

03 December, 2017

A former aide to President Omar al-Bashir was arrested last week by Sudan's counter-insurgency forces near his hometown of Mustariaha in North Darfur state.

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