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#FreeAhed but free the rest of them too

30 July, 2018

Nearly 300 Palestinian children still languish in Israeli prisons, subject to rampant abuse and coerced into confession in the only country in the world that prosecutes children in military courts.

Ethiopia buries slain architect of Grand Renaissance Dam

29 July, 2018

Hundreds gathered at the funeral of Simegnew Bekele, the chief engineer of Ethiopia's controversial Grand Renaissance Dam project who was found killed in mysterious circumstances this week

Freedom Flotilla edging closer to besieged Gaza

29 July, 2018

The Freedom Flotilla attempting to break the brutal siege on Gaza could arrive as early as Sunday, activists say.

Getting to the heart of the global displacement crisis

27 July, 2018

Comment: without long-term commitment to tackling these drivers of displacement, there can be little hope of achieving sustainable peace, writes Alexandra Bilak.

Sudan expats rise up against Khartoum corruption

26 July, 2018

Sudanese protesters have banded together online and offline to protest corruption in their country.

South Sudan rivals agree power sharing deal

25 July, 2018

South Sudan President Salva Kiir and former vice President Riek Machar have once again agreed a power sharing arrangement, amid growing pressure to end the country's conflict.

UAE races to dominate Middle East power politics

23 July, 2018

Analysis: The UAE has established spheres of influence from the deserts of Libya to the shores of Yemen, flying under the radar amid headline-grabbing Saudi interventions elsewhere, writes Austin Bodetti.

Shades: White feminism, poetry and hyper-sexualisation of Muslim women

23 July, 2018

The New Arab Meets: Asma Elbadawi, a spoken word poet whose latest piece compiles the struggles of being a Muslim female athlete.

Turkey furthers Africa outreach with Erdogan tour of continent

22 July, 2018

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will further his outreach to Africa next week, as he visits two African nations as well as a BRICS summit.

South Sudan power-sharing deal delayed over differences

19 July, 2018

Sudan has announced the signing of a "preliminary" power-sharing deal between South Sudan's foes has been postponed as the warring factions have yet to fully agree on the draft.

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