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Sudan's Bashir replaces intelligence chief amid protest crackdown

11 February, 2018

Sporadic protests have erupted across Sudan after prices of food surged following a jump in the cost of flour due to a shortage of wheat.

Italy tries Eritrean refugee as world's most dangerous trafficker

09 February, 2018

In-depth: A man on trial in Italy as one of the world's most notorious people-smugglers may be a simple Eritrean migrant mis-identified by Sudan and extradited to Italy by mistake.

Sudan to return Cairo ambassador 'soon' as relations improve

09 February, 2018

Sudan's foreign minister said it would return its ambassador to Cairo "very soon", after more than one month since it recalled its envoy to Egypt.

Two British IS 'Beatles' captured by Syrian-Kurdish fighters

09 February, 2018

Syrian Democratic Forces have captured two of four British IS foreign fighters known as 'The Beatles', who were notorious for torturing and murdering prisoners.

Eyes on Morocco: This week in Middle East football

08 February, 2018

Morocco is shooting for the 2026 World Cup following an outstanding performance in the Championship of African Nations.

More than 300 child soldiers released in South Sudan

08 February, 2018

The second largest release of child soldiers since the civil war in South Sudan has seen 300 children released, with more expected soon.

Israel begins distributing deportation notices to Africans

04 February, 2018

Israeli authorities have begun distributing deportation notices to thousands of African migrants.

Protests in Israel over 'dangerous' deportation of African migrants

31 January, 2018

Showdown could come to a head as Israel moves to deport 40,000 Africans in a plan the UN described as "incoherent and unsafe"

Trump's 'sovereignty safeguards' leave Yemeni refugees for dead

30 January, 2018

Comment: The US is opting out of global solutions to share responsibility for the burden of migration which it has promulgated, writes Rose Worden.

US lifts ban on refugees from 11 countries

30 January, 2018

The US will lift its ban of refugees from 11 countries, including 10 Muslim majority states.

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