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US pledges $639 million in aid to four countries

09 July, 2017

The US has pledged $639 million in additional humanitarian aid for people affected by food insecurity and violence in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.

These Middle Eastern countries still criminalise homosexuality

08 July, 2017

As Londoners on Saturday marked 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, same-sex relationships in some countries in the Middle East are still punishable by death.

Hawaii will comply with Trump's Muslim ban in full

08 July, 2017

The Supreme Court said they couldn't give Hawaii clarification on the Muslim Ban, forcing the state to uphold the travel ban in full.

The UAE is 'employing' Blackwater to run its army

07 July, 2017

Reports are emerging of ex-Blackwater CEO's increasing involvement in the UAE's military affairs, with few, if any, UAE citizens actually involved in its army exercises.

South Sudan political prisoner amnesty essential before peace talks

06 July, 2017

The Japanese ambassador lobbied for the release of rebel prisoners to help move peace talks along on Wednesday.

Career or country? This week in Middle East football

04 July, 2017

Blog: Kenny Saief, the Israeli-Druze midfielder, has chosen to represent the United States, while a summer of transfers awaits, writes Uri Levy.

Sudan activists urge school closures to prevent cholera epidemic

04 July, 2017

The government has chosen to ignore the outbreak of disease to continue business as usual, even though the US embassy confirmed an outbreak in early June.

For Iranian-Americans, Trump travel ban keeps families apart

01 July, 2017

Donald Trump's travel ban has dealt a harsh blow to the Iranian-American community, where family ties run strong and friends and loved ones regularly shuttle between Los Angeles and Tehran.

UN announces 30 percent cut in Darfur peacekeepers

01 July, 2017

The number of UN peacekeeping troops serving in the joint African Union mission in Sudan's Darfur will be reduced, according to an official announcement on Thursday.

Syrian, Sudanese refugees already suffering from Trump's travel ban

30 June, 2017

The reinstatement of the so-called Muslim ban is shattering the hopes of refugees fleeing conflicts in Syria and Sudan who were so close to resettling in the United States.

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