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Education on hold for South Sudanese child refugees

21 June, 2017

Out of the one million refugees who are expected to be in Uganda by the end of the month, nearly three-quarters of them are children

Record 65.6 million displaced in 2016: UN

20 June, 2017

The UNHCR chief called for 'solidarity' and common purpose' in tackling 'unacceptable number' of people being displaced by war and persecution, as the world marks annual refugee day.

Haftar's support for Sudanese rebels 'destroying Darfur and Libya'

19 June, 2017

General Khalifa Haftar's support of Janjaweed mercenaries is causing a return to violence in the Darfur region, the Sudanese media minister said on Sunday.

Sudan's regime could get $42 billion once sanctions lifted

17 June, 2017

Sudan's ministry of statistics has released a list of potential infrastructure investments that could be lined up if sanctions are lifted next month.

Sudan rejects Egypt official offer on disputed border region

02 June, 2017

Khartoum has rejected an official offer from Cairo to implement the terms of a 2004 inactive agreement on the contested border area of the Halayeb Triangle.

South Sudan soldiers in dock for mass rape cases

30 May, 2017

The case against 13 soldiers has been postponed in order to allow the prosecution to build a case effectively.

Sudan's foreign minister cancels Egypt visit as tensions simmer

30 May, 2017

Sudan's foreign minister has cancelled a trip to Egypt as relations between the neighbouring countries have been fraught with tension over a long-running border dispute.

Turkey to feed East Africa's hungry during Ramadan

27 May, 2017

Somalia will receive thousands of tons of aid this Ramadan from the Turkish Red Crescent, as food insecurities and the threat of famine continue through the holy month.

Sudan seizes Egyptian tanks from Darfur rebels: President Bashir

23 May, 2017

The Sudanese president claimed his army had captured '59 military vehicles' from two convoys connected to rebel groups in Darfur.

'Significant' fatalities after rival clashes at Libyan airbase

19 May, 2017

The UN envoy to Libya voiced alarm at reports of "significant" fatalities in an attack by militia loyal to the unity government on Brak al-Shati base controlled by rival forces.

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