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'Fake-news' hack: pre-emptive strike on Qatar's independent foreign policy?

24 May, 2017

The New Arab analyses: The crisis spurred by false statements published by the hacked account of the Qatar National News agency could be an orchestrated attempt to contain Doha's influence.

Egypt 'anti-Sisi presidential candidate arrested for flipping off' government

24 May, 2017

An Egyptian opposition leader has been detained on charges of "offending public decency" over images which showed the rights lawyer "giving the finger" outside a Cairo court.

Ivanka wobbled knees in Saudi... the internet loved it

22 May, 2017

Blog: Being the daughter of US president - along with being undeniably attractive - meant Ivanka was the centre of attention during Donald Trump's first overseas tour to Saudi Arabia.

Egypt refers 48 to military trial over church bombings

22 May, 2017

Egypt's general prosecution referred on Sunday 48 defendants to military court on charges of involvement in three recent deadly church bombings in Egypt.

Four awkward Trump moments in Saudi Arabia

22 May, 2017

Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia this weekend and, let's just say, some awkward things happened.

Trump meeting with Arab leaders ahead of major speech

21 May, 2017

President Donald Trump will call for Muslim unity in the fight against extremism on Sunday, as he works to build relationships with Arab leaders.

Trump announces Egypt visit 'soon', as Sisi woos president

21 May, 2017

US President Donald Trump told his Egyptian counterpart on Sunday during talks in the Saudi capital that he hoped to visit Cairo 'very soon'.

Outrage as Egyptian actors meet Assad cronies in Damascus

19 May, 2017

Blog: An Egyptian delegation of film stars and directors met this week with Syrian regime officials during a visit to Damascus, sparking outrage among Egypt's Twitterati.

Egypt's Sisi 'ignored' bloodbath warnings against arming anti-IS tribes

18 May, 2017

Egypt's President Sisi reportedly disregarded repeated warnings from military leaders about forming tribal militias to fight IS, saying it could lead to a 'civil war' in the Sinai Peninsula.

Trump's embrace of petty dictators only empowers them

18 May, 2017

Comment: While US foreign policy has never been averse to collaborating with authoritarian leaders, Trump's policy of rolling out the red carpet is unacceptable, writes Imad K. Harb.

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