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Speaking music to power: A study in Reformations

17 August, 2017

Blog: 500 years after the start of the Protestant Reformation, music still fuels protest and foments revolution, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Saudi Arabia's ultimate betrayal of the Syrian revolution

16 August, 2017

Comment: Turkey has been accused in UAE media of abandoning Syria's rebels, but it is Saudi Arabia and the Emirates who have pursued cynical policies in Syria, writes Sam Hamad

Germany releases Egypt opposition journalist after brief detention

16 August, 2017

An Egyptian opposition journalist has been released by German authorities after they briefly detained him based on an Interpol arrest warrant issued by the Egyptian regime.

Impunity in Egypt reflects dark legacy of Rabaa Massacre

14 August, 2017

The Rabaa Massacre of over 1,000 people in 2013 marked a dark defining point for human rights, with a subsequent vacuum in justice leading to unchecked state violence ever since.

Journalists remember Mick Deane, killed by Sisi's snipers

14 August, 2017

Journalists and colleagues on Monday paid tribute to British cameraman Mick Deane, 61, who was killed four years ago while covering the Rabaa Massacre in Egypt.

#Rabaa: 'Egyptians must unite,' says wife of Brotherhood leader

14 August, 2017

The wife of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed al-Beltagy has called on Egyptians to reconcile their differences on the anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre.

It's time the West stopped backing massacres in Egypt

14 August, 2017

Comment: The West has backed three massacres in Egypt. On the anniversary of Rabaa it’s time to withdraw support, writes Amelia Smith.

Egypt's Sisi prepares for four-day tour of African countries

13 August, 2017

Egypt is looking to increase trade with its African neighbours, while also advancing its foreign policy agenda in Ethiopia and Libya.

Egypt comes one step closer to total military control

11 August, 2017

Comment: Sixty-three years after Nasser passed the reins of the state to his fellow military officers, Sisi seeks to expand on that legacy, but to what end? asks Gehad Quisay.

Austerity-hit Egypt restricts access to food rations

10 August, 2017

Austerity-hit Egypt has moved to cut the number of people eligible to receive subsidised food and fuel in a bid to curb Cairo's financial struggles.

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