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Sisi's prisons 'breeding ground' for radicalisation: former prisoner

12 December, 2017

Rights groups estimate political prisoners in Egypt to be around a staggering 60,000. The injustice in Egypt's prisons has left many seeking revenge.

Cairo, Moscow sign contract for Egypt's first nuclear plant

11 December, 2017

Moscow and Cairo signed a final contract on Monday that will see energy hungry Egypt light up with its first nuclear power plant.

New best friends: Russia's Putin visits Cairo and Ankara

11 December, 2017

Russian leader Vladimir Putin will begin a historic visit to Egypt and Turkey on Monday, two leading Sunni Muslim powers that have had complex relations with a growingly assertive Moscow.

Libya's Sufi shrines under attack by 'extremist militias': HRW

09 December, 2017

Human Rights Watch has condemned a series of attacks against Sufi shrines in Libya carried out by 'extremist' militia groups.

Rattled by Shafiq, Sisi's regime is far from stable

05 December, 2017

Comment: President Sisi's rule may not be on the brink of collapse, but its recent handling of Ahmed Shafiq shows the foundations are cracking, writes Sam Hamad.

Egypt: Five suspected militants killed, six arrested near Cairo

05 December, 2017

Egypt continues its crackdown on militants in the country's remote desert areas, killing five suspected fighters, arresting six and seizing weapons.

US defence secretary meets with Egyptian officials in Cairo

02 December, 2017

Mattis' visit was part of a five-day trip 'to re-affirm the enduring US commitment to partnership in the Middle East, West Africa and South Asia.'

Worshippers pack Egyptian mosque week after massacre

01 December, 2017

Dozens of Muslims, including religious and army leaders, packed an Egyptian mosque for Friday prayers a week after jihadist gunmen massacred more than 300 people in the house of worship.

A role in search of a hero

01 December, 2017

Comment: The Arab world seems destined to continue to offer a leadership role in search of its hero, writes Robert Springborg.

EU official: IS remains threat despite loss of 'caliphate'

30 November, 2017

IS may not be as capable they were when their so-called caliphate was at its strongest, but they are still a threat said the EU's counter-terrorism coordinator.

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