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Khan Sheikhoun massacre: proof beyond doubt who's to blame

28 October, 2017

The UN confirmed this week widely-held suspicions that the Syrian regime carried out a chemical attack on an opposition village in Idlib province. Here's what we know about the massacre.

UN to visit airbase used in Khan Sheikhoun attack

12 October, 2017

UN investigators will travel to an airbase in Syria this week that the US and allies say was used to launch the Khan Sheikhoun sarin gas attack earlier this year.

US influence wanes as King Salman visits Russia

04 October, 2017

Comment: With Saudi Arabia's reliance on an increasingly unreliable Washington at an all-time low, Riyadh is diversifying its allies to include Russia, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

For whom the bell tolls in Syria

18 September, 2017

Comment: Syria is a manmade disaster, but perpetrators are unlikely to face justice until bystanders are made to reckon with the consequences of their inaction, writes Muhammad Idrees Ahmad.

Two American presidents have now undermined Syria's revolution

02 August, 2017

Comment: Trump's withdrawal of the meagre support provided to Syria's rebels will embolden the remnants of the Assad regime, writes James Snell.

Another blow for Syrian opposition as Trump replaces adviser

28 July, 2017

A key figure in Donald Trump's decision to strike Syria following a chemical attack has been forced from his position as a key Middle East adviser to the president.

Russia to have semi-permanent military presence in Syria

14 July, 2017

Moscow has gave the green light for the semi-permanent presence of Russian military aircraft in Syria.

Daraa 'de-escalation' masks Assad's ethnic cleansing in Syria

30 June, 2017

Comment: Daraa, like Aleppo before it, could fall without the world batting an eyelid. The remaining population would be cleansed, and Assad's exterminators would move in, writes Sam Hamad.

Russia claims Washington 'instigating chemical attacks' in Syria

30 June, 2017

Syria and its ally Russia have accused Washington of "inviting" extremists to carry out chemical attacks, which would then be blamed on Assad's government to justify a retaliatory attack.

US spy planes sent to Syrian coast

29 June, 2017

The US has deployed spy planes and intelligence gathering equipment to the Syrian coast, as Washington warns the regime might be planning a chemical attack on rebel-held territory.

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