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Assad's regime will return to 'business as usual' brutality

17 April, 2018

Comment: Not only did Trump's much vaunted strikes fail to threaten Assad; they have actually bolstered him, writes James Snell.

Bigger, not better: Assessing Trump's latest bombing of Syria

17 April, 2018

Analysis: If past strikes are anything to go by, this latest round of missiles is unlikely to deter Assad from gassing his people again in the future, writes Paul Iddon.

Syria shoots down missiles over Homs, state TV reports

17 April, 2018

Two missiles were shot down by Syrian air defences over the central Homs region, state-run TV said, days after Western strikes were launched against Assad's regime.

Syria missile attack 'false alarm', state media says

17 April, 2018

State media reports that Syrian regime air defences shot down missiles over the central Homs region have been retracted.

Trump gathers war cabinet, vows Syria decision 'fairly soon'

12 April, 2018

Despite the US, France and UK becoming resolute that the Syrian regime perpetrated Saturday's chemical attack in Douma, leaders are yet to issue a decision on military action.

Can US respond to chemical attacks without risking escalation?

12 April, 2018

Comment: Crisis Group's Sam Heller lays out the Douma attack's impact and the repercussions of a possible new US-led intervention.

Is the Syrian war about to get more complicated?

12 April, 2018

Analysis: A lack of willingness among major powers to make substantial compromises will likely result in the Syrian war dragging on for years to come, writes Paul Iddon.

Trump's phoney war against Assad

11 April, 2018

Comment: US strikes will not advance US interests in Syria, nor will they alleviate the suffering of Assad's victims, writes CJ Werleman.

The problem is Assad, not his weapons

10 April, 2018

Comment: Assad's genocide, in all its forms, isn't even conceived as being the real problem, writes Sam Hamad.

Russia claims Syria rebels plan to 'stage chemical attack'

14 March, 2018

Assad and his supporters have consistently claimed that chemical attacks were staged and that an army of actors including children had been trained to fake injury on a massive scale.

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