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Has the US established de-facto no-fly zones in Syria?

20 June, 2017

Analysis: Washington has shot down aircraft threatening its allies in Syria, and will likely shoot down more, writes Paul Iddon.

France's Macron vows 'immediate retaliation' to Syria chemical attacks

30 May, 2017

France will respond immediately to any use of chemical weapons in Syria, France's president has said, in a threat likely directed at the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Labour's cluelessness on Syria is not an innocent mistake

06 May, 2017

Labour uses opposition to intervention as a false argument for sparing the Syrian regime from accountability, while many of its symbols associate themselves with dubious regime-affiliated entities, says Imogen Lambert

Chomsky and the Syria revisionists: Regime whitewashing

05 May, 2017

Comment: Chomsky cites Postol because he is a man with credentials, giving conspiracy theories a veneer of scientific plausibility, writes Muhammad Idrees Ahmad.

Al-Jazeera rebuffs Russian accusations it 'faked Syria chemical attack'

05 May, 2017

Al Jazeera has fought back at accusations made in Russian state media that it "fabricated" last month's deadly chemical attack in the Syrian village of Khan Sheikhoun.

Russian official claims Trump not tied to Assad departure

26 April, 2017

A leading Russian official has claimed that Donald Trump is not set on Assad stepping down from power immediately and peace negotiations could end with the dictator staying in power.

Watchdog rejects Russian-Iranian bid for new Syria chemical probe

20 April, 2017

The global chemical arms watchdog Thursday "overwhelmingly" rejected a Russian-Iranian move to launch a new investigation into a suspected chemical attack in Syria, delegates said, backing the probe already underway.

France's presidential candidates on Arab world affairs

20 April, 2017

This Sunday's first round of France's presidential election will send the top two candidates through to the run-off on 7th May. Here's our round-up of French voters' choices.

Spooked Syrian regime moves attack aircraft to Russian airbase

20 April, 2017

The majority of the Syrian regime's air fleet have been moved within close to the Russian airbase in Latakia, to protect the force from possible US strikes.

Spinning the wheel: Trump won't do much about Syria

14 April, 2017

Comment: Donald Trump has no idea what he's doing, writes Imad K. Harb.

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