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Countries pledge billions for Iraq at Kuwait donors' conference

14 February, 2018

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are among the countries to have pledged to help Iraq in loans and investments to rebuild the country following the defeat of IS.

Tillerson kicks off 'difficult tour' of tense Middle East

12 February, 2018

Flying into Egypt on Sunday, the US Secretary of State has started a five-nation tour in the Middle East, amid heightened tensions and unease over Trump's policies in the region.

The Iraq Report: Systemic corruption may threaten reconstruction funds

08 February, 2018

This week in Iraq: The US has admitted that Islamic State is far from being defeated while the Iraqi interior ministry claimed that IS leader's health is deteriorating.

Regional alliance punishing Iraq's Kurds for referendum cannot last

07 February, 2018

Analysis: Determination to derail Kurdish statehood aspirations led to the emergence of a newfound Ankara-Baghdad-Tehran alliance, but this anti-Kurdish bloc may not be sustainable.

Lebanese to sue Saudi minister, MBS protege Thamer Sabhan

07 February, 2018

In a move sure to escalate tensions between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, a judge in Beirut has accepted a lawsuit against Saudi Minister for Gulf Affairs Thamer Sabhan

Louvre apologises to Qatar for 'Gulf map scandal'

06 February, 2018

The Louvre Museum in Paris has apologised to Qatar for its franchise in the United Arab Emirates displaying a map of the Arabian Peninsula that purposely blacked out Qatar.

Google suspends AMP websites in Egypt after government block

06 February, 2018

Internet giant Google has suspended access to a publishing protocol for mobile devices in Egypt after authorities blocked the portal, which is used to circumvent online restrictions.

Grammar jihad: Arabic spelling mistakes earn hefty fines

05 February, 2018

In what is perhaps a world first, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is to impose a $275 fine for Arabic grammar bloopers on signs and billboards.

Kuwait sentences blogger to 5 years for 'insulting' UAE

05 February, 2018

Social media figure Abdullah al-Saleh has been sentenced to an extra five years in prison after criticising the UAE's role in the region.

Anti-Doha bloc plotted 'invasion', says Qatar defence minister

04 February, 2018

A Saudi-led bloc boycotting Qatar plotted to invade Doha at the start of the Gulf crisis last year, Qatar's defence minister has revealed.

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