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Camels stranded in Saudi Arabia to return home

17 February, 2018

Thousands of camels stranded in Saudi Arabia will begin to be repatriated back to Qatar via Kuwait, local media have reported.

Pakistan to send thousands of troops to Saudi Arabia

17 February, 2018

Pakistan will deploy soldiers to Saudi Arabia to help train troops in the kingdom, but the decision has led to a backlash back home.

Qatar's Emir calls for new EU-style Arab security pact

16 February, 2018

Emir Thani called the months-long blockade of Qatar "futile", and said it was time for regional states to put their differences aside.

Saudi Arabia and Iran battle it out in Azerbaijan

16 February, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia and Iran are extending their bitter rivalry beyond the Middle East, into the Caucasus, writes James Dorsey.

US senator ends block on arms sales to GCC

16 February, 2018

Republican Senator Bob Corker said he will end the arms sales block which was a bid to pressure the Gulf states to find a solution to the diplomatic crisis.

The FA has changed tack on Qatar's World Cup

15 February, 2018

Comment: Britain is hoping for $42 billion worth of trade in the Gulf post-Brexit, and Qatar is to be a major part of that, writes Anthony Harwood.

Saudi prosecutors to hire women investigators

14 February, 2018

The kingdom's public prosecutor has announced new roles for women in its workforce for the first time, as Riyadh's Vision 2030 takes aim at female and youth unemployment

Countries pledge billions for Iraq at Kuwait donors' conference

14 February, 2018

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are among the countries to have pledged to help Iraq in loans and investments to rebuild the country following the defeat of IS.

Tillerson kicks off 'difficult tour' of tense Middle East

12 February, 2018

Flying into Egypt on Sunday, the US Secretary of State has started a five-nation tour in the Middle East, amid heightened tensions and unease over Trump's policies in the region.

The Iraq Report: Systemic corruption may threaten reconstruction funds

08 February, 2018

This week in Iraq: The US has admitted that Islamic State is far from being defeated while the Iraqi interior ministry claimed that IS leader's health is deteriorating.

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