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Iran rift: The Gulf countries treading gently

10 May, 2018

Donald Trump's decision to pull back from the landmark 2015 Iran deal has seen the GCC bloc divided in their responses. Kuwait, Oman and Qatar are treading carefully.

Egypt 'blocks Qatari officials' from attending Arab League meetings

09 May, 2018

Egypt has prevented Qatari officials from taking part in an Arab League meetings in Cairo this week, Qatari state-run QNA news agency has reported.

Betraying Morocco, Saudis back Trump for World Cup 2026

09 May, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's support for the US-led bid for the 2026 World Cup over that of its Arab neighbour, Morocco, tells of new and broken alliances, writes Anthony Harwood.

Qatar fears escalation, calls for nuclear-free Middle East

09 May, 2018

Qatar has responded to Donald Trump's announcement to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal by urging for a 'collective response' that would see the Middle East nuclear-free.

Oman: Between Iran and a hard place

08 May, 2018

Comment: Oman has maintained good relations with Iran, and stands to lose a lot from the US' likely withdrawal from the nuclear deal, writes Camille Lons.

Qatar Airways begins flights to Wales

05 May, 2018

Wales' capital Cardiff has established air links with Doha, with Qatar Airways flying to the city this week.

Qatar rescues Russian oil giant after China deal breakdown

04 May, 2018

Qatar will purchase a nearly 20 percent stake in Russian energy company Rosneft, after a deal with a Chinese company breaks down.

Energy and geopolitical earthquake: The Saudi-Russian long-term oil deal

03 May, 2018

In-depth: Saudi Arabia and Russia’s closer political and commercial cooperation, going beyond regulation of oil prices, has indicated a new chapter in their relations, writes Stasa Salacanin.

Doha slams Saudi Arabia for detaining Qatari man

02 May, 2018

Qatar has condemned neighbouring Saudi Arabia for arresting a Qatari man as he attempted to return from war-torn Yemen.

Egypt puts ex-football star Aboutrika back on terror list

01 May, 2018

An Egyptian court has put a former football star on a 'terror list' for an additional five years over accusations he financed the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement.

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